Non! Buy it now!

Describes everything about your parents!

How it works!

Hey kids! Are you annoyed of your parents bossing you around? Do you just want to back talk them? Do you not want to do those DUMB chore? Well... The brand NEW "NON" will solve every problem such as:

-not doing any chores

-belie to your parents about homework

-help assuage arguments

All you have to do is gently shake "NON", tell what the problem is, and walk up to your parents, put it up to their ear and it will solve your problem.

How it looks!

The new "NON" is an excellent way to NOT listen to your parents. It will do everything opposite of what they say! When you use "NON" it will have its tongue out, shaking his head, and have a hand up. It will only listen to you and only you!

How it all started!

On a cold winter day, at a hospital, "NON" was born. Through NON's life he always obeyed and respected his parents. Until one day he chose to disobey his father by not doing his chores and leaving his house with our permission to play with his new friend. But his new friend was not the best person to hang out with. His friend would always get in trouble at school and sometimes vandalize some houses in the neighborhood. But Non thought he was an interesting person. He saw his friend as adventurous and mysterious. Something Non was not. Non went to his friend's house and it was dirty. To Non this looked like a perfect place because his didn't have to do any chores. So now, he wasn't his fellow friends to be more like him!