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Wednesday 9 November

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Macleans Primary School Community

Hi Everyone

Term 4 at Macleans Primary is a busy one for learning and many other extra-curricula activities. Term 4 also means we begin to look ahead to 2023 so we can 'hit the ground running', and maximise learning from the 1st day of 2023, Wednesday 1 February. One of the the things we need to do for 2023 is class organisation. We do give a lot of consideration when forming the classes for 2023 and aim to find the best-fit for YOUR child, taking into account a balance between the learning and values (relationship) needs of the children in the class. The plan at the moment is to inform you and your child of your child''s class for 2023 through an email from your child's new class teacher.on Friday 27 January. This will mean that your child is fully aware of their new class for 2023, ready for day 1.

Congratulations to Mina Ramjee for winning an Across-CoL position. On Thursdays and Fridays Mina will be working with teachers at schools in the Community of Learning (CoL), supporting them and working on projects designed to help all the children in the CoL. Mina will still be the main R23 teacher and maintain her Year 4 (Rangitoto Team) Leadership. For more information on the CoL, see the section below.

The NZ-wide 'Shakeout' (earthquake preparedness) went well on 27 October. A commitment to our ongoing Hauora and Health & Safety at Macleans Primary School, it was pleasing to note that all of the children followed instructions well and 'dropped, covered and held' very well!

We will not be selling pool keys again this summer. With new regulations from Auckland Council and legislated Health and Safety practices that we need to consider and adopt, there is not a fit at the moment with the community using the pool when the school is not open. So, I am excited to announce that we have partnered with our wonderful PTA to offer supervised by parent swims after-school on Friday 25 November, Friday 2 December and Friday 9 December between 3.15 and 4.15. More details of how this will work to be sent home soon.

On a final note, I want to acknowledge my error from Macleans Has Talent results published in the last newsletter: Coralie from R9 on the piano placed in the top 3, (not Caroli as I incorrectly stated).

On a final, final note...with the business of term 4 and End of The Year activities, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me or your child's teacher, Sally or Sharon in the office, or DP's Hazel and Angelique should you have any queries or questions.

Please enjoy this newsletter.

Regards & Nga Mihi

Matthew Cooke

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•Wednesday 23 November

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Dates For Your Diary

9 November - Y6 Families ONLY: Howick Intermediate Orientation Day. 9.30 am for Y6 visit and 7pm for parents information in the Howick Intermediate School Hall

10 November - Athletics Day for Y0-Y6. Y0-Y2 begins at 9.15 to 10.30 and Y3-Y6 from 10.30.

15 November - Maori Learners Hui. See separate details sent to our Maori families. 6pm. Please note that all are welcome - RSVP to

16 November - Values Assembly: 2.00-2.20 for Y0-Y3 and 2.25 - 2.45 for Y4-Y6

17 November - Interschool Athletics

18 November - Teacher Only Day (School Closed)

18 November - Howick Christmas Lights Dance Performance from MPS Dancers - 6pm @ Stockade Hill, Howick.

Monday 22 November to Friday 25 November- Celebration of Learning 'Open Classrooms' - details below

25 November - Rainbows End day rewarding all road patrollers (details TBA)

25 November - Gold Coin Cazh Day for xmas presents for children (student leaders managing)

Tuesday 29 November will be a parent evening for all children going into Y1,Y2 or Y3 2023.

Thursday 1 December will be a parent evening for all children going into Y4, Y5 or Y6 2023.

**Both evenings will be approximately 60 minutes in length, beginning at 6pm**

Friday 2 December - Helpers Morning Tea. ALL parents who helped, supported and got involved in trips, sports, class hlep, etc. are invited to a morning tea in the staffroom from 10.30

Monday 5 December to Friday 8 December - End of Year Prize Givings - details below

Friday 8 December - Whole School Disco (PTA) - Time TBA

Monday 12 December - Year 6 Graduation Disco - Time TBA

Monday 12 December to Thursday 15 December - End of Year Class Activities - details TBA

Thursday 15 December- Last Day of the Year. School closes at 12 noon .

**First Day 2023 is Wednesday 1 February**

PTA Updates: Wool Cloths, 2022 Yearbook and Disco

Wool Cloths Fundraiser – ORDER CLOSE FRI. 11TH NOV.. WOOL DISH CLOTHS - $20 FOR A 3-PACK. Baack My Wool dish cloth is the idea of a local Howick-Pakuranga resident and proud Aunty of a student at Macleans Primary. See the order form below for more details. Order via bank transfer or Kindo. Video here:

2022 Yearbook: It's coming! Another wonderful keepsake full of Macleans' memories. On sale 14th November! ($10 per copy).

2022 PTA Disco: Join the Facebook event pages for the most up-to-date info about the Disco. Tickets go on sale 17th November ($10 each).

Please check the Macleans Primary School Facebook Page for more disco details.

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Values Assembly: Recognising & Celebrating Children Who have Demonstrated The Macleans Values in the Local Community

There will be an assembly on Wednesday 16 November to recognise a few children who have displayed the MPS Values in the community during 2022. The Y0-Y3 will have their assembly from 2.00 to 2.20pm and the Y4 to Y6 from 2.25 - 2.45pm. Parents of children who will be celebrated will be invited to the assembly.

Hauora: Sport NZ Play Week

This week is Sport New Zealand Play Week! As part of a busy term, play is one thing you can do to support your tamariki and you to reduce stress, have fun, learn and connect. All immensely good for us, and totally aligned with feeling good and functioning well.
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Silly Sock & Shoe Day Update Well done everyone...we raised $416 for the Mental health Foundation Charit

Prizegiving Is Happening Week 8, Tuesday 6 December and Thursday 8 December

Waiheke & Motutapu Teams Year 1 & 2 Prizegiving: Tuesday 6 December from 11.30 - 1pm

Rakino and Rangitoto Teams Year 3 & 4 Prizegiving: Thursday 8 December from 9.30 - 11am

Kawau Team Year 5 & 6 Prizegiving: Thursday 8 December from 11.30 - 1pm

Please note that your child's teacher will contact you if your child is receiving a prize at the prizegiving.

Year 6 Graduation dinner in the school hall on Monday 12 December. Start time and details are to be announced.

Celebration of Learning (Open Classrooms) in Week 6 and Week 7

Come and visit your child's classroom and view some of the learning that has been going on!

Waiheke & Motutapu Teams: Year 1 & 2 R1 to R9 on Friday 25 November from 2.00 to 2.45pm

Rakino Team: Year 3 - R17 to R20 on Thursday 24 November from 9:00 to 10am

Rangitoto Team: Year 4 - R21 to R23 on Tuesday 22 November from 9.30 to 10.30am

Kawau Team: Year 5/6 - R10 to R15 on Friday 2 December from 2.00 to 2.45pm

Timeline for End of Year Reports and Macleans Learning Pathways

Your child's End of Year Report will be sent home in hard copy addressed in an envelope to you on Monday 12 December. If you have anything you would like to discuss about your child's report please ensure you get in contact with your child's teacher on 13 and 14 December.

The Macleans Learning Pathways will; be sent home via the SEESAW app. on Thursday 8 December between 3 and 5 pm.

As we move towards the end of the year you are reminded to please get in contact with your child''s teacher should you wish t to discuss their learning or pastoral care (ie. Macleans Values).

Photolife Sibling Photos: Second Day on 15 November

New Sandpit

We have BoT approval to refurbish and build the new sandpits behind the existing large sandpit. The sandpits are very popular indeed for all students whether they be five or 11! We are hoping to get these underway soon with a completion time by the end of the year.

MPS annual Family Cricket back after a two year break: Sunday 4 December 1-3pm

Keen on playing a fun, friendly cricket game? Mums and dads, boys and girls come along to the MPS cricket pitch on Sunday 4 December from 1-3pm. Bring a picnic and your number one cricket game. Any age, skill level and ability welcome :)))

Mixed Touch Rugby Team

What a great day the mixed Touch Rugby Team had 2 weeks ago, finishing 6th overall out of 16 teams. The team dodged, dived and passed their way to many points on the day, narrowly losing out the semi-final and losing a tight consolation final. Thanks to all the parents who supported, cheered and helped organise and coach on the day. A special thanks to Mr Harper who coached the team at school.

Enviro News Updates

Have you seen the latest enviro news video? Check it out here:

Morning Tea and Lunch

We sometimes get children coming to the office requesting extra food during morning tea and lunch times. We do have bread and muesli bars available in 'emergencies'. Please ensure your child has enough food for morning tea and lunch. It is always better to pack an extra or sandwich so that there is more enough should your child be extra hungry.

STEAM Programme In Action: Solving a Murder in Room 16!

School Athletics (Track & Field) TOMORROW Thursday 10 November - Athletic Clothing Cazh Day for Y0-Y3 & PE Uniform for Y4-Y6

Year 0 to Year 2 children can wear cazh sporty clothes and Y4-Y6 are to wear MPS PE Uniform Hats should also be worn (they can be removed when competing). Appropriate amounts of food and water for the day as well please. Children can wear their cazh and PE uniform and from school. Although we have sunscreen available in each class, please apply sunscreen at home before school. Parents are welcome to come along and cheer the kids on!

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Yummy Apple Sticker Update

A BIIIIIIGGGG thanks to everyone for collecting the yummy apple stickers. We have received $474 in sports gear from. It's not too early begin for next year, so keep sending them in. One stcker brought in means 1 house token for your child's house.
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Children Turning Five?

If your child is turning five in the next six (6) months, please ensure you enrol them as soon as possible. We need to plan for classes and teachers during the year. Please collect your enrolment pack from the office, or contact Sharon or Sally in the office for more info on

Spellathon Individual and Class Winners: A huge THANKS from MPS to the MPS School Community

Thanks to a collective effort we raised almost $12,000! Subtract the expenses and we were still left with a healthy amount to go towards our STEAM programme. STEAM teacher Mrs Van Wijk has already given me a list and a budget for 2023! The top ten fundraisers are below, from 1st to 10th. As for the classes, the winning classes for the Cazh Day and Pizza last week were as follows: Room 1, Room 9, Room 10, Room 13, Room 18 and Room 21.

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Hunger Hut Open on Friday 11 November: Ice Blocks Available at Lunch and Afterschool for $2

How about an end of the week treat for the kids? A $2 donut treat, or perhaps popcorn or a small stationery items, or even some stickers? Ice blocks available at lunch and after-school as well every Friday for the rest of Term 4The Hunger Hut promotes an authentic shop experience for the kids, which includes the maths curriculum, as they use coins/cash only for their purchases.

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Foodbank Donations: 'Tins for Tokens' (House Tokens) - Beginning NOW Until the End of Term

Over the years the Macleans Primary School community has been able to provide our local foodbanks with non-perishable food items, mainly donated from families. Once again we are a 'drop-off' point for non-perishable food items. Children can bring the food item to their class and they will receive a house token in return.

Parking: Pick-up & Drop-Off on Udall Place

The school's back entrance is accessed through Udall Place. Although not as popular for a pick-up and drop-off point, Udall Place can get quite busy after-school. Please ensure we park/drop-off/pick-up in a respectful manner and avoid parking over driveways.

MPS is a Sun Safety School...All Children Must Wear a Hat

A reminder that from Tuesday 25 October until Easter 2023, children will need to wear a school hat as part of their school uniform. Macleans Primary is a 'sun safety school'. Children play in shaded areas at morning tea at lunch if they are not wearing a hat. Children are also expected to wear their school hat to and from school. Please label the hat with your child's name and room number. Hats can be purchased from John Russell Schoolwear in Howick and online HERE.

School Shoes

Please check your child's shoes and provide the appropriate school shoes if required. Children can wear running shoes/sneakers of different colours during sports & PE activities. At all other tines children need to wear the school type shoe, which is primarily black in colour. The information about school type shoe can be downloaded below and can be found on our website.

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MPS Travelwise: Safety at The School Gate: Reminders from Auckland Council Transport

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Have You Registered for Kindo?

The Macleans Primary online school shop is designed to make it easy for you to complete permission slips and view, register and pay for all of your child’s needs. This is our preferred method of payment, and we encourage you to set up your account today. For parents it means no cash, no paper, no hassle! Questions? Please contact the school office on (09) 534-5191 and speak with Sally, or contact the Kindo help desk on freephone 0508 454 636, or email First Time Users: Click HERE if you are a first time user of Kindo. You’ll need to register to set up your account. All you need is your email address which matches the one held by the school. Registered Users: Click here to use Kindo online to make full or part payments for all school activities and donations, register and pay for school sports teams, support fundraisers and complete permission slips. Payment: Choose to pay as you go, add funds to your Kindo account in advance, use internet banking, POLi or Visa/Mastercard (fees apply). For a Youtube tutorial, go HERE.


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