Exploring Flyer


how did the scientific revolution influence sea voyages?

It has been influenced by scientific technology and has helped people find new places.

What did Ferdinand Magellan do for the Age of Exploration?

launched in 1519 Magellan's odyssey lasted 3 year long years , claimed the lives of hundreds of people and forever changed europe understanding of world geography.

What was the impact of the Age of Exploration on the world?

the impact made different people go on voyages to find new places and countries to live in.

How did the new technology of this time period affect the world?

Technology is the present world. it affects people's daily lives, whether if its good or bad.

life is now easier that we have new technology. things were harder back in the day.

How has all of this influenced the way we live today?

It has made amazing history and influenced the way we live today.