Halloween Edition

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Halloween Dismissal- New for 2019

In order to make the Halloween dismissal process more efficient while continuing to ensure student safety, we are implementing a new process. As always, we strongly encourage parents to consider allowing their students to remain in school where they will have opportunities to engage in fun activities with their classmates.

If you do choose to sign your child out early, please complete this form by Monday, October 28th.

Any parent/guardian wishing to sign out their student who did not sign up in advance will need to do so through our visitor management system. This system will be accessible AFTER all of the students who were registered for early dismissal in advance have been signed out.

Please remember anyone wishing to sign out a student MUST be in Parent Portal and must present a government-issued photo identification.

Halloween Information

Parade (Please Note Time Change from Previous Years

Millbridge students will be celebrating with our annual parade on Thursday, October 31st. The parade will begin at 11:00 through the front doors and will continue to march around the side and back of the building ending at the cafeteria playground. We ask that parents line up outside the cones. The parade will begin with our preschool students, 2nd graders, followed by 1st grade, then kindergarten students. Preschool students walk a shorter parade route and reenter the building at the entrance they use for daily arrival.

As a service to parents with students at both DIS and Millbridge, we are providing shuttle buses between the two schools for the parades. The DIS parade begins at 10:00. There will be a shuttle bus from Millbridge to DIS at 9:45; DIS to Millbridge at 10:45, and Millbridge to DIS at 11:45. We hope that this will ease parking concerns for parents with children at both schools. We are looking forward to a great parade!


We know how exciting it is to dress up and assume a new identity, but there are some important guidelines we need you to follow. Costumes should be worn to school over your child’s clothes. If your child’s costume has a mask, please send the mask in a bag or your child’s backpack. Costumes may not include weapons (plastic knives, swords, guns, etc…).

In order to monitor the safety of our Halloween Event, we ask that parents do not wear costumes so that everyone is easily recognizable and our students are kept safe. Thank you for your cooperation.

Classroom Parties and Treats

If you are providing non-perishable treats for the classroom, please drop them off at the main office any time before 8:30 AM. Label the item with the teacher’s name so that we can easily deliver to them.

Teachers have provided the office with the names of adults assisting in the classrooms and passes will be sent home. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PASS, WE REGRET THAT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO VISIT THE CLASSROOM.