Rosalind Franklin

Physical Chemist (1920-1958)

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The STudy of DNA!

Famous Quote

"Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated."

Who Is Rosalind Franklin?

She is a physical chemist who is well known for her discovery of DNA, she built her way up usually working in groups or units for experiments and such.


She's the one who found the basis interperatation of crystallographic DNA structure (appearance of a double helix form). Also, her recognition/curiousity of fundamental importance of DNA structure for molecular biology led to her discovery.

Interesting Facts~

  1. At the age of 15 she was already choosing her science career over family,love, and marriage. (Such determination!)
2. In 1962, she won a nobel prize for medicine/psysiology

Got DNA?


There was some conflicts against misleading impressions of DNA structures, She also had a problematic attitude torwards women and minority researchers prevailing at King's college.

Effects Us Today!

Back then a lot was known about DNA, except one thing. Without Rosalind Franklin's discovery about the appearance of a DNA molecule, or how it preformed amazing heredity functions then we still wouldn't have known today! A new discovery always makes an impact on on the future, just like this case scenario as well.


She was sadly diagnosed with cancer and died at an early age, while not being able to finish her last project of a DNA record.