Remix Student Learning

The Flipped and Blended Classroom

Do you deal with students who don't complete their homework? Have you tried to come up with a solution for what students do when they get home and have a question?

The move to blended/flipped instruction, or using both online and face-to-face instruction, is causing a shift in the responsibilities and roles of both the teacher and the student. Combined with student generated work products, teachers have seen tremendous growth in self motivation, the quality of work and skills retention.

1.) Download Snip 2.) Sign up for Screencast-o-matic 3.) Complete the Office Mix exercise

Task 2- Why Should You Flip Your Classroom?

Classroom Examples

Tips For Getting Started

  1. Give students an opportunity to gain first exposure to lectures before class

Quick tip: Try recording your lectures and breaking them into smaller conceptual chunks.

  1. Provide proper incentives for students to prepare for class

Quick tip: Pairing lecture video with autograded assessments helps ensure that students are prepared for the subsequent in-class activities.

  1. Facilitate engaged-learning activities in the classroom

Quick tip: Possible activities include quizzing, small-group problem solving, extensions, applications, and peer feedback.

  1. Create opportunities for student feedback

Quick tip: Use student feedback and assessment performance to calibrate your in-class activities.

-Adapted from the "Flipped Classroom Field Guide"

Task 3- Creating a Screencast

Take a lesson that you already have and using either Snip or Screencast-o-matic, create a recording describing step-by step-instructions. Post it on the "wall" using the Padlet link below.

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