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Exam Week

This is the week that we all have been waiting for... Semester Exam Week! Your countdown can officially begin on Monday. I would like to thank each of you for your hard work this semester. I know this has been a semester of new and different, and I appreciate your patience with me while I learn the ropes.

A couple of housekeeping items related to exams: students may not take exams early. During exam week it is important to keep students in class even if they finish early. No passes to the library, please.

We need all hands on deck with dismissal starting on Wednesday. Help us clear the hall and have students out of the building by 11:40 a.m.

If you have a student group that meets after school for practice, students will either need to be under your direct supervision or will wait outside.

Thank you to all of you who helped with EOC testing last week; we will be refining some of our procedural items related to testing before the spring administration.

No tutoring bus this week.

Please take the Christmas Break to relax and recharge your batteries. The next newsletter will go out on Sunday, January 3rd.

The McKinney High School

We are the original, the beacon, the bridge between the past and the future for the city of McKinney.

Did you know...

Charles Braswell, Class of 1943, ended up on Broadway, in movies and television. He appeared with Lucille Ball in “Wild Cat” the summer he graduated and with Angela Lansbury in “Mame.” He sings the lead in the original cast recording of “Mame.” You can listen to the recording at He died of melanoma at age 49 in New York in 1974. The long-running show will celebrate its 50th anniversary in May.

Coming Events

  • 1/5 Re-imaging Sophomore Laptops (information to come for those impacted)
  • 1/5 Girls Basketball vs. McKinney North @ 6:15 (Home)
  • 1/5 Boys Basketball vs. McKinney North @ 7:30 (Home)
  • 1/5 Boys Soccer vs. Lions Varsity Blue Team @ 1:45 (Home)
  • 1/5 Girls Soccer vs. Frisco Liberty @ 7:15 (Home)
  • 1/7 - 1/8 Girls Soccer Frisco ISD Tournament Toyata Stadium @ 5:00 (Away)
  • 1/7 - 1/9 Boys Soccer Frisco ISD Tournament Toyota Stadium @ 5:00 (Away)
  • 1/7 Wrestling vs. Wylie East @ 6:00 (Home)
  • 1/8 Girls Basketball vs. Wylie East @ 6;15 (Home)
  • 1/8 Boys Basketball vs. Wylie East @ 7:30 (Home)
  • 1/8 McKinney Diving invitational @ 5:00 (Home)
  • 1/9 McKinney Swim Invitational @ 5:00 (Home)
  • 1/9 Girls Soccer vs. Frisco @ 11:00 (Away)
  • 1/9 Wrestling The Colony Tournament @ 8:00 (Away)
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Nuts & Bolts Reminders...

Quarter 2 Grades:

Grades need to be submitted by 3:00 p.m. on December 18th, including any grades of incomplete.

Any Quarter 1 grades of incomplete must be cleared by Monday, December 15th.

Fall Semester Exam Schedule.

Feel free to wear jeans with a spirit shirt or Christmas shirt beginning on Tuesday.

12/15 Tuesday

  • First Period 7:30-9:25

12/16 Wednesday

  • Second Period 7:30-9:25
  • Third Period 9:30-11:30

12/17 Thursday

  • Fourth Period 7:30-9:25
  • Fifth Period 9:30-11:30

12/18 Friday

  • Sixth Period 7:30-9:25
  • Seventh Period 9:30-11:30

Don't forget to unplug any of your "stuff" not related to teaching; Christmas lights, scentsy pots, etc.

Harmony Annual Hallway Caroling

Our feature choir ensemble will be serenading on Monday during 3rd and 4th periods. Please see Ms. Johnston's email from Friday for more detailed information. Approximate times are listed below:

Upstairs E Hall 9:20 to 9:28

Downstairs E Hall 9:29 to 9:37

Downstairs D Hall 9:38 to 9:46

Upstairs D Hall 9:47 to 9:55

Upstairs C Hall 9:55 to 10:05

Downstairs C Hall 10:06 to 10:15

Downstairs B Hall 10:20 to 10:28

Upstairs B Hall 10:29 to 10:37

Upstairs A Hall 10:38 to 10:46

Upstairs F Hall 10:46 to 10:57

Downstairs F Hall and offices 10:58 to 11:07

Front office: 11:08 to 11:15

Theatre Hall/Orchestra if possible…..

First and Family Meeting

Staff, there is a short First and Family Meeting in Computer Lab A. Please release the following students after announcements on Monday.

Almanza, Marco 108004

Banchi, Diana 111243

Bilotta, Taylor 221829

Bravo, Alex 206743

Castillo, Alexis 201349

Castillo, Isaac 109861

Del Bosque, Melody 227796

Diaz, Esmirna 109995

Duque, Maria 113932

Espinoza, Jeronimo 110521

Estrada, Laura 128273

Galdean, Evelyn 115803

Garcia, Luis 109833

Garcia, Luis 109616

Garcia, Tanhya 105956

Guzman, Alexandra 109958

Khatoon, Fahmida 224057

Mata, Monica 117360

Medina, Aranzasu 218859

Perez, Aracely 126956

Rodriguez, Ashley 122399

Rosales, Edgar 109955

Salinas, Chelsea 109962

Sandoval, Jose 227674

Santana, Abigail 109988

Torres, Ruth 110009

Zahan, Nusrat 221579

Big Congrats for...

Ms. Kina Vinson is the KLAK Teacher of the Month for December! Congrats Ms. Vinson on a job well done.

So sad to announce

Katherine Shaw and Natasha Knapton will not be returning after the Christmas Break. Both are moving due to their husbands' job transfers. Please take a moment to wish them best of luck in their new adventures.

This Week's Birthdays

  • 1/4 Shelly Kramer
  • 1/5 Rhonda Rothardt
  • 1/7 Jeannie Demyun
  • 1/8 Mike Bruck
  • 1/9 Thomas Goodman
  • 1/9 Gabe Sager

Thought of the week

Don't call on others to improve your school. Accept responsibility for doing it yourself.

You don't have to wait for Central Office or even your administrators to improve your school. I sincerely believe the power to improve MHS begins and ends with the teachers in this building. Can I get an amen?!