Mrs. Weyen's First Grade Class!

We may small but we are mighty.


  • We still need volunteers for our class field trip on Oct. 6th to the fair. It is a fun opportunity for us to get to go fair but it is also one that requires a lot of help. Please let me know if you would like to join us. Please make sure your child returns the white permission slip form.
  • Tomorrow I will send home confirmation forms for parent-teacher conferences. For those of you who signed up at parent night, I put the time you signed up for on the form. If you were not at parent night, I assigned you a time. Every slot on both days is full which means little to no flexibility. Conferences are October 13th and 14th.
  • Please read over the homework routine from last week. Only half the class returned book bags on Friday. I need these every Friday. I will check their homework and listen to them read. Some had their book bags but didn't read them all week. First grade is vital for a child learning to read. Pleas read to and with your child every night. For the fluency poems, please complete and check off 2-3 activities on the back of each poem. I will check these on Fridays. Only do one poem a week. You do not write the poem down on the reading log.

Homework Routine

Weekly Homework

Here is a quick rundown of the homework procedures for those of you who weren't able to make it to parent night.

1. Please read with your child a minimum of 20 minutes a night. This can be a combination of reading to your child, reading with your child, or your child reading to you. You will notice there is a reading log in the front of your child's take-home folder. Please record your weekly reading time each week by writing down the title of the book and using tally marks to record how many times you read the book, etc. and exactly how you and your child engaged with the text. Each book should be read more than once. For those of you you have beginning readers, you need to read the book to your child, with your child, and finally listen to your child read it to you. I will pass out book bags on Monday mornings. Please make sure these are returned every day. Although I may not swap them out immediately, I will have them pull one or two out throughout the week to read to me. I will keep the books on Friday. You will receive new books for your child every Monday. You are not limited to only reading the books I send. If you have favorites you want to read to your child at home, please do! The more they read, the better. Just remember to write it on the log.

2. Next, you will see a sheet explaining the Fast Start fluency poems. Please read over it. You will focus on one poem a week, following the procedures provided in the letter. You will also complete two of the activities (feel free to do more) located on the back of the poem. Depending your child, some activities might be too easy, some may be a little difficult, and some will be just right. Choose those that best fit your child as a reader now. You need to work on the poem of the week two nights in a row (feel free to do more :) ) Your child will turn this in to me on Friday. I noticed some people have poems where something else copied on the back. This happens sometimes if people print to our copier from our rooms at the same time. If this happens to be the case for your child, just skip that poem and go to the next, no big deal. You do not write this down on the reading log.

3. The final part of your homework is sight word practice. I don't have a set amount for you to do each week, but you do need to be working on them every week. Check through a column or two each week by having your child read the words to you. If he or she can say the word in three seconds or less without sounding it out, it is considered mastery. Put a check mark next to the word. Each week you can work on 5-10 words with your child that he or she does not know. I put a sight word activity menu in the folder for you to hang on the fridge. This does not have to be completed and returned to me each week. It is just a list of ideas of ways to practice the sight words. The goal is list A should be mastered by Christmas, List B by May, and List C is supposed to be mastered by the end of second grade. Not everyone has list C in their folders and that is okay.

4. If you have any questions about homework procedures, please feel free to email me.

We are learning....

  • Math: This week we worked on comparing and ordering numbers from least to greatest. We also worked on basic addition strategies and focused on different ways to make the number seven. I will assess them on 2D and 3D shapes tomorrow.
  • Continue to practice at home on writing numbers to 120. I can see big improvements in many!
  • Reading: This week we worked on building and spelling words with the um, ug, unk, and ump patterns. Our weekly story was a nonfiction text titles, Big Rigs. We had a special guest appearance from a driver who works for Melton Trucks. He brought his big semi and talked to all the first graders about the truck. The kids loved it!
  • Writing: This week students began drafting their personal narratives.
  • Science:
  • Social Studies: We continued to work on reading and answering questions about maps. We also began studying different types of communities: Rural, Urban, and Suburban.

Specials Rotation

Monday: Music
Tuesday: Media
Wednesday: PE
Thursday: Art
Friday: PE

Class Needs!






Dry Erase Board Markers (black)

Upcoming School Events

Field Trip: Tulsa State Fair

Tuesday, Oct. 6th, 8:45am

4145 East 21st Street

Tulsa, OK

We will be attending the petting zoo at the fair as part of Oklahoma's Largest Classroom. We need as many volunteers as we can get. I hope you join us!

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 4:15pm to Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 12pm

7200 East Quincy Place

Broken Arrow, OK

Confirmation forms will come home tomorrow. Please sign and return. Thank you!

Shool to Home Connection

Reading Nonfiction with Your Child-Taking a Book Walk

Fun Websites for Home: Science, Math, and Reading

Math Websites

Reading Websites

The following links are for ebooks. Your child can listen and read books online.

Storyline Online

Magic Keys

Kidsworld Fun

Reading Practice


PBS Kids