WE love you Bei Bei!

I get to meet Bei Bei by Ms. Fox

As you all know, we have been checking in on the National Zoo Panda Cam since September. We made observations, wrote a great collaborative research report and learned SO much about pandas. Thanks to all of our love for Bei Bei, our favorite giant panda cub, I was selected to get a preview and a behind the scenes visit at the National Zoo next weekend. The kids were as excited as I was!! I cannot wait to share my pictures and stories with them when I get back!!!
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Bei Bei by Christian

Last week we helped Ms. Fox with a video contest to get to see Bei Bei the new baby panda. We have been following him on the panda cam all year.

Today she got picked out of thousands of people.!

Ms. Fox brought in cupcakes to celebrate with us!!!!

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The Water Cycle-Gage

In Science class, we are learning all about the water cycle. Did you know that Earth is made up of 71% percent water? And 97% of the water on the Earth is salt water. We only have 3% of fresh water that we could drink. We found out that freshwater is found in glaciers (which is ice), rivers, lakes, and groundwater.

We also viewed this awesome slideshow made by Ms. Barnett, along with the song embedded below--very catchy tune!

Water Cycle Song

The Magical Washcloth by Michael and John

One December afternoon I had a bloody nose because forgot moisturizer. I went to the nurse and she made it all better. When I get back Ben was there and gave me a magic wash cloth from our prize bin--just so I would feel better. It was his and John's idea and all of the other kids agreed! It was the greatest day of my life. because I will treasure this forever. This is special because my friend Ben gave this to me. I just can not wait to put the washcloth in water and see the magic happen.

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Ancient Chinese Governments by Jack

In history class, we are learning about how philosophers helped shape the Chinese government. The philosophers we are studying are Confucius, Laozi, and Han Feizi. Confucius thought rulers should be honest and fair. Laozi believed people could live in peace if they found balance in their life “yin and yang”. Han feizi was founded legalism. He thought a ruler should have absolute power and a strong military.

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Band Concert by Ben

Last night was the night of my band concert.I play the trombone.The songs we played were Christmas Fantasy, Star Spangled Banner, and Hanukkah Celebration.My favorite song to play was Christmas Fantasy.

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Summarizing by Zi Rui

This week we started working on summarizing. This is a fun activity that teaches us about getting the main idea First, we start by reading a small story. Then, we summarize it into a couple of sentences. Even though there is not a lot of words, it still tells the main idea of the story.

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Fractions- Parts of wholes! by Monserrat and Hailey

We are making progress with our ability to use fractions in all operations. We are really becoming masters at any kind of fraction skill! We are going to start really applying this understanding to real world situations and word problems.
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