The Benefits of Networking

The benefits of networking in schools.

For Teachers

You can communicate with co-workers easily and moderate work quicker by sharing the files directly rather than distributing paper copies. You would be able to access the work you need from any computer connected to the network. You would be able to share worksheets with pupils rather than handing out paper copies, which they can't lose! You could notify parents of behavioural problems problems in lessons.

For Office Staff

You can manage all the pupils' work and profiles easily and keep track of money paid in for trips and lunch and communicate with parents much easier. All of the staff could print to the same printer from different computers, instead of just one all sharing one computer. You could install software on all of the computers at the same time rather than installing it on each one.

Better, faster, easier

For Pupils

You can print off from any computer that's connected to the network. You could email your friends rather than yelling across the room to them and you could save your work to your own account so you can access it from any computer that you can log on to that is connected to the school network.