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What your student is learning in guidance with Mrs. Breckner?

WOAH!! We have learned so much already this year during guidance time. I get to see all students PreK-6 once a week for lessons in the classroom. We have finished Unit 1 in Second Step and have already jumped into Unit 2 where we are learning about emotion regulation and what happens to our brains when we feel strong emotions. The kids are little sponges and are so excited to learn the next concept. We have talked about feelings in preschool. Those kiddos can make some great facial expressions, and they are working on understanding their friends' feelings by looking at their faces and body language. We have learned about the listening rules and how to be the best learner at all grade levels. We are discussing how we "flip our lids" when we feel strong emotions, and students are working on finding a calming down strategy that works for them. My 6th graders are learning about the brain, bullying, and how to communicate assertively when they need something. We cover so many amazing concepts in guidance, my hope is that students retain the information and transfer it into the classroom, at home, and in other areas of their lives.
The Hand-Brain Model! | Self-Regulation Lesson 2

TEACHER OF THE MONTH: Mrs. Trisha Shafer

Here are some quotes from staff and students at DT.

  • Mrs. Shafer is the best teacher ever! She reads us books, helps us with math, and gives us time to play at centers.
  • Mrs. Shafer is always smiling. She say hi to me at lunch.
  • I loved Kindergarten because Mrs. Shafer was so much fun. We learned letters and numbers and had fun at PE.
  • I love helping in Mrs. Shafer’s classroom. Her students are well mannered and she sets up great expectations. She always has something positive to say.
  • Mrs. Shafer has a heart of gold and the calmness unlike most. She is always smiling and finding the positive in all situations. She keeps a quiet voice yet commands her students’ engagement while teaching. She is a great person all around. She would do anything to help others out and she is brings a peace and calming when you need it the most.
  • Mrs. Shafer is a great teacher, friend, and coworker. She is always guiding and helping kids and sharing her heart with those around her. She would help anyone who needed it without questioning. She is a kind person with a big heart. Her students love her and her coworkers look to her for advice and guidance.

We are lucky to have Mrs. Shafer at our school! Thank you Mrs. Shafer for all you do at DT!

Student of the Month: NOVEMBER

November Students:

These students have been safe, responsible, and respectful in and out of the classroom at DT.

K: Elle Vrooman & Gavi Dzingle

1: Kodie Butcher & Amber Hinrichs

2: Max Mora & Eli O'Callaghan

3: Landon Gregg & Olivia VanDiest

4: Grace Hohlen & Kayden Olena

5: Blake Bivens & Taylor Knott

6: Khloe Pomplun & Konner Epp

Keep up the great work!

Mrs. Mindy Breckner

If you have any questions or concerns about your child's emotional well being, want to know more about the DT Food Pantry, or just need more information please don't hesitate to email or call! I would be more than happy to help.

How to Teach Children Gratitude... It's more than just saying thank you.

This is a short article to help you navigate ways to teach gratitude! It can be a game changer for so many. "A 2019 study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies1 found that gratitude is linked to happiness in children by age 5. This means that instilling gratitude in your kids at a young age could help them grow up to be happier people."