Ship/Submarine Chef

A career profile of one of the countless jobs at sea


A chef serving in the navy does not simply cook meals for his comrades, he has to be prepared at any given time for emergency and sometimes must host very important guests. Because of this, being a graduate of culinary school does not necessarily qualify one to become a chef for the navy.

Other pertinent information

A submarine cook is one of the highest paying non-comamder positions in the navy. With an entry salary of $86,000 and a full potential salary of about $200,000, it is clear the navy is looking for quality chefs for its servicemen. Because of this, the Navy only accepts the best to cook on ships. While formal education is not required, it is highly recommended. A culinary specialist's test, on the other hand, is required in order to be considered for the job. The hours worked in this job rely heavily upon where the ship is going, if it is a time of war and how many men are serving on the ship. A navy chef must always be prepared for breakfast lunch and dinner while at the high seas.

Characteristics of a Navy chef

While a navy chef will spend a lot of time behind the stove, he will interact with his entire ship when serving food. Because of this, a chef generally has to be gregarious and a good team worker. A Navy chef must also be well built as he must lift 50-100 pounds bags of potatoes, vegetables, meat or other food products along with being physically prepared for an emergency. Above all, A navy chef must have the commitment to his country and to his comrades on his ship.