Salt water taffy

By Ivan Mendez

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What is it and when was it created?

Taffy candy that was created in the 1880's in Atlantic City.

What is it made out of? and why is called "salt water taffy"?

Its made out of sugar, cornstarch, corn syrup, glycerin, water, butter, salt flavor and food coloring.

Its called Salt Water Taffy because in 1883, a big storm occurred in Atlantic City and David Bradley owned a store that got filled with Atlantic ocean water. Later on a little girl came into his store and asked if he sells taffy and David jokingly offered her some "salt water taffy" and the little girl went away satisfied. Davids mom heard and she liked the name salt water taffy and it been called that ever sense.

Who started making it?

Supposedly a man named Enoch James was the first to start making the salt water taffy but Joseph Fraling refined the formula by making the candy in a bite size. So most people see Joseph as the creator.