Mrs. Krupnick's Fifth Grade

December News 2015


This month the students started reading the novel, My Side of the Mountain. While reading this novel, they have worked on comprehension skills, vocabulary, grammar skills, storyboards, personification, and interviewing skills using Notability on their iPads. We are working on list #8 in Spelling City. Please make sure your child is reviewing their weekly spelling words. During our vocabulary rotation, the students just finished with Unit 5 and started on Unit 6. Their quiz will be on Wednesday before winter break. The students learned how to use 7 kinds of leads to catch their readers attention for their narrative writing. Your children worked in groups to come up with a rap, song or skit on different types of nouns(collective, abstract, common, proper, concrete, possessive, compound, etc. ) they have learned about.


Blended learning in math has been so much fun learning about decimal concepts. While learning about addition, subtraction, and multiplication of decimals and whole numbers, your children have had the opportunity to collaboratively use grocery advertisements to plan a Thanksgiving meal with a budget of $100.00, figure out how much a class snack of 6 items would cost using unit prices and coupons, and how to figure out the cost of various pounds of different fruits and vegetables. IXL in their technology rotation is always fun, engaging and exciting reinforcing math concepts.


Please make sure your child is completing all of their homework daily. Check Class Dojo for upcoming tests, quizzes, projects and announcements.