NGHE Teaching Touchpoints

Important Information for NGHE Teachers & Support Staff

Issue Date: Monday, January 18, 2016

In This Issue:
  • Class Rosters
  • Parent Communication
  • Classroom Set-Up

At the start of every semester, there are inevitably a number of discrepancies between class rosters and actual students who did or did not show up for class. Some of the reasons could be:

  • The student registered since the rosters were last ran;
  • The student has dropped or added your class;
  • The student was out-of-town, on vacation, or was ill on Monday;
  • The student was in the wrong class and didn't realize it;
  • The student was correctly registered, but did not make it to the roster during data entry.

NGHE is asking that parents who wish to make a class change now do it online on the NGHE website at this link. However, some parents may not follow this procedure and no matter what the reason for class changes, rosters still need to be reconciled on the first couple of days of the new semester.

We have reconciled changes noted by teachers and made by parents from the first day of class. Fresh versions of your class rosters will be available at the front desk for next Monday, January 25. Please take actual student attendance (roll call) against these updated versions on Monday and bring to the front desk before you leave.

We appreciate your patience as we try to improve the registration system, including the reporting functions of class rosters and student schedules!


If you haven't done so already, please send a quick email out to your parents using the unique email distribution relay address sent to you (i.e. ""). This dedicated email address will have the most up-to-date email group of parents for your class. A quick introductory email to parents could include the following:

  • A warm welcome from you to your class;
  • A little background information about you, your education, your experience (and/or your family, if you so choose);
  • Goals you have for your students;
  • A reminder of any required textbooks, computer software/hardware requirements, supplies/equipment, or attire (i.e. fitness or martial arts attire/uniforms) for your class;
  • An outline or syllabus of what will be covered in the upcoming weeks;
  • What is expected for behavior during your class;
  • What students can anticipate in terms of homework (if any).

Many of you have already sent out wonderful introductory emails that will go a long way to set the tone, the expectations and the excitement for your class. Homeschooling parents put a tremendous amount of trust in the NGHE program and instructors.

Please continue to help us earn their trust with strong weekly communication! Remember, emails from you can be brief- but if consistent- help parents know the dedication and care you're providing each week in their child's education and enrichment experiences.


Every attempt is made to set up your classroom to accommodate you and your students' needs for a successful teaching and learning experience. However, if you have a special configuration for tables and chairs that you'd like us to know, please email

Because the entire campus now takes more than 3 hours to set up each week, it is typically done on Sunday evenings or 7 AM on Monday mornings. Please let us know in advance of your set-up needs so we can plan accordingly.

Also, please make sure your room is tidy when you leave (clean tables and carpet, trash picked up and chairs pushed in). There is a small vacuum, cleaning solution and paper towels located in the main hallway.

Please call or text one of the following team members if you need to reach the front desk for a question or help during your class:

  • Linda: 770.403.2866
  • Charlene: 770.355.5805
  • Alex: 470.222.1722

Thank you for kicking off the new semester with gusto! We look forward to seeing you all next Monday, January 25 when classes resume. Enjoy the holiday break today!


  • There's an NGHE supply cabinet in Room 203 (last room to the right with the white piano in it) that is packed full of crayons, scissors, colored pencils, paint, paint brushes, paper, glue and too many items to list that you can use for your class?

  • There's a copy machine at the front desk to make copies for your class?

  • There's white board "kits" at the front desk (on the copy machine cart) complete with dry erase markers, cleaning spray and white board erasers? Please return these kits at the end of the day so that we can be sure they don't get (mistakenly) taken by other ministries of North Lanier Baptist Church.

  • There's a green folder at the front desk with supply reimbursement forms or that you can email your supply needs to to be purchased for you?

  • There's a microwave to heat up your breakfast or lunch in the gym (also one in the church kitchen)?

  • There's fresh coffee (brewed every Monday!) and hot water for tea in the Welcome Center the lobby area?

  • There's a first-aid kit at the front desk for those minor cuts and scrapes your or your student may get?

  • There's a small vacuum, cleaning solution and paper towels located in the main hallway for cleaning your classroom?
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