Third Grade News from Mrs. C

Dec. 7th-11th AND Dec. 14th-17th

Tidbits From the Teacher

Hi Everyone-

I'm sorry I didn't send out a newsletter last week. I completely forgot!! This newsletter will cover the news and activities of our classroom up until Winter Break begins.

Kathy Ivan and Jessica Gunther have sent out an email loaded with information about the third grade winter party so be sure and make some hot cocoa and enjoy the details!!

Oh! We also started using our Google email adddresses this week. While you can't email your child personally, I can and will. The accounts are locked down so students can only communicate with the teacher. We are going to use these a lot more second semester. It would be helpful to have Google Chrome loaded on the computer that your child uses at home. If not, they can do a search for Google and use that way to get to their emails.

Gardening PBL

We are planting lettuce in our garden beds then adding other vegetables in the middle part as we move forward! We are waiting on the plants and new soil to arrive so we can get started.

Dates to Remember

Dec. 10th: Nutcracker Field Trip (10:30-2:00. Wear any Sommer shirt!)

Dec. 11th: Reading DCA (no studying required)

Dec. 14th: Math DCA (review will begin to come home on Thursday afternoon, Friday, and the weekend)

Dec. 15th: Third Grade party 10:30-11:45

Dec. 16th: Science DCA (review and studying will occur in class)

Dec, 17th: Mrs. Caldwell's Birthday breakfast & last day of school (you're welcome!)

Dec. 18th-Jan. 4th: Winter Break

Jan. 5th: First day back at school

What We're Studying and Learning...


We will be studying autobiographies and biographies. We're learning that we can collect information in a different way when reading these non-fiction books. We are also working on identifying the different genres by looking for clues.


We recently had a visit from a great author, J. Scott Savage. He talked to us about fantasy writing and the class asked if we could do a unit of study on fantasy writing. Well, of course I said sure!!! We are finishing up our stories and starting to add layers to the story. We're working on beginnings, fresh language, details, organization, and endings. It's been a lot of fun to get feedback and design lessons for everyone's writing needs.


We are ending our study of fractions and will move back into multiplication work. We'll study the x8 strategy (called the Double, Double, Double strategy). We'll also begin to prepare for a review and upcoming combo DCA the last week of school.

Science & Social Studies-

We will work on learning about landforms, rapid changes that happen to our earth when natural disasters occur, and what causes some natural disasters. We'll also take a look at natural resources.

In social studies we'll look at how people use their environment to create maps of their world.