Digital Safety

How To Be Safe Online


this flyer is about being safe online. you will understand that there are rules for being safe online. you will see how when you don't follow the rules you might be in danger. you will also learn why you shouldn't post inappropriate image online. finally you will learn what encryption, forensics computing, biometrics and pin numbers are

Social Media

Getting your first social media account can be exciting but there are a few things you need to know to be safe online.
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Top 7 Rules About Internet Safety

  1. Don't share your passwords with anyone
  2. Don't share personal information online
  3. Don't talk to strangers
  4. Don't post inappropriate images
  5. If you are being blackmailed tell someone
  6. Make your account private
  7. Don't sext
Clare thought she knew...

Why you Shouldn't Post Inappropriate Images Online

There are many reasons why you shouldn't post inappropriate images online but the two most important ones are bullying and opportunities that you might miss in the future. When you post an inappropriate image people who don't like you will bully you by commenting on your photos or by bullying you at school. Another reason why you shouldn't post inappropriate images online is because when you apply to a university they will most likely go through your social media and if you have inappropriate images on your page they might not accept you. So remember what you think that is now cool could ruin your life in some years. another reason why you shouldn't post inappropriate images online is that whatever you post stays on you digital footprint. So before you post anything online think, do you really want that to be on your digital footprint?

Pin Number

Pin number is a four digit number known by the user and the system. If you want to buy something using a credit card you will have to know your pin code if you don’t you won’t be able to buy what you wanted. Many times people find out what someone's pin is and use the money from the credit card and using the person's money.

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Biometrics is when the code for something is the fingerprint or the iris or even the voice of some specific people. The code can only be “unbroken” by the people who have their iris, voice or fingerprint as a code. The reason why these three are used for codes is because they are unique meaning that every person has a different one and no two individuals have the same. This code isn’t only used for places and for secret laboratories, the fingerprint scan is used in our everyday life for example it is used in some phones such as the iphone.

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Encryption is when a message is written in such a way that only the person who gets the letter understands what it says. Encryption is used to send secret messages and has been around for thousands of years. As the years go by the messages get harder to find and understand. encryption can vary. Sometimes the letters might be backwards and sometimes the letters might be numbers but what is for sure is that encryption has and will be around for a long time

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Forensics Computing

Forensics computing is when a computer extracts and analyzes digital data to gain legal evidence

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