Killing Pablo

A story on how man rose and fell in the cocaine trade


In the novel "Killing Pablo" Author Mark Bowden explains Escobar's rise to power and his downfall.

Pablo is Born

Friday, Dec. 2nd 1949 at 12am

Rionegro - Antioquia, Colombia

Rionegro, Antioquia

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As a child Pablo Escobar grep up in one of the most violent cities in the world. In the country of Colombia; the worlds biggest cocaine producer. He began stealing cars in his late teens. Him and his team ended up stealing so many cars that people would pay Pablo not to steal theirs.
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Pablo's Cocaine Start Up

Pablo joined the cocaine trade in 1975. He began by flying planes and helping move cocaine shipments inside the United States. Eventually, he became very, very big. As other huge distributers fell, he rose. He worked up to being worth 30 billion dollars. Spending around 60 million dollars a day on cocaine

Medellin Cartel

Pablo controlled the Medellin Cartel. Full of assassins, distributers, and family. Pablo used these men to help move his cocaine but most importantly, make sure everyone in the world feared him. Anyone who opposed Pablo would be served with plata o plomo (Siver or Lead) by him. Escobar would bribe you with his money and if you didn't take it you and most likely your family would be brutally murdered. They killed elected officials, police(just because), bystander's, and even attempted to murder a Colombian presidential candidate. But he missed his plane the morning that the cartel strapped a bomb to the commercial flight killing all 101 innocent lives on board. Turning Medellin into the worlds capital these men murdered up to 26,000 people.
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Slowly countries started becoming angry with the deaths of there civilians in situations like the Avinca jet that was bombed. Countries led by the US wanted Pablo extradited. Pablo tried offering the USA all of his money just so he can at least be imprisoned in his home town of Colombia; the USA denied. Eventually Pablo began to run, killing more and more people to cover himself. Barely escaping raids to a new house, eventually one raid did not end up to the big mans advantage.
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Pablo's Death

Thursday, Dec. 2nd 1993 at 12am

Medellin, Colombia Rooftops

Medellin, Antioquia

During a raid by the Colombian Army and the US DEA. Pablo hopped out his window and ran the rooftops. He shot at the officers behind him and they shot back one hitting his leg and another in his torso, but the death shot is debated. The bullet was either fired from the army or Pablo himself. This death shot bullet passed through both of Pablo's ears. Ultimately killing him at age 44.

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The End

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