Box Out

John Coy

All About The Author

John Coy grew up playing many sports. He also worked many jobs before turning to a full time job writing. John is a member of the NBA Reading All-Star team and a visiting writer at schools across the country. He also wrote numerous award winning books including Night Driving, Strong to the Hoop, Around the World, and Crackback. At the moment, he is living in Minnesota and loves to travel.

About "Box Out"


Where: Horizon, USA

When: Winter


Liam Bergstorm a sophomore in high school, just joined the varsity team, has an amazing family, and an awesome girlfriend, and a perfect life. When Darius quits the team, he pushes them harder. Coach expects them to pray and go to the HAF. But Liam knows what Coach is doing is wrong, He calls an official in Washington DC and she sends the school a letter stating that what Coach is doing is against the code and that he should stop. After feeling bad about it, Liam quits the team. To make matters even worse, his girlfriend who is staying in Paris France, just dumped him. Could anything else go wrong? But then the girls' head coach Jack invites him to help with the girls team. Liam and Darius help the girls work on offensive plays, defensive plays, and shooting. After the girls team gets second place in conference, he really wants to ask her out. He calls her and asks her to go out sometime but she said she doesn't like guys that way. His heart is crushed. The guys team challenges Liam, Darius, and the girls team to play a game where the first team to one hundred win. After battling back and forth, the girls team wins 100-94. The girls jump up and down along with Darius and Liam. Iris sets up Liam with her friend, Chloe. In the end, everything is wonderful.
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