Bullying is not good

By:Jack M

What is bully?

Bully is so serious that Approximately 160,000 teens skip school every day because of bullying.It can be because of cyber , emotional or physical .Physical bullying is when someone comes up to you and start pushing you or hitting you. Cyber bulling is when someone over the internet or anything electronics make fun of you and tease you.emotional bulling is when someone only uses words.

how to stop bullying

Stopping all type of bullying

There are alot of ways to stop bullying. You can stop physical/Emotional bullying by Looking the bully in the eye and tell him or her to stop then , Avoid escalating the situation , known when to walk away finally tell an adult. Stopping cyber bullying is pretty easy but annoying . If you are getting bullied over text messages , block their number or get a new number. If you are getting bullied over Twitter , instagram , snapchat , etc . Block them and their username and put account on private.