Firstly Abaquil is my grandparents farm. There are many different dangers here. Firstly there are big tractors and headers and one of my grandparents friends ran over his two year old dauter and killed her. Grandma said "once when dad's friend came over he walked into some hot ashes to be funny and burned his feet. There are just too many dangers for a city boy no offence to city boy's". Then there are the dangers of the animals. There are horeses that can hurt you and kangaroo's can kick you. But the most dangerous of all, poisonous snakes. On your right you can see a picture of a brown snake I found under the bin.


On a farm there are lots of fun and cool things. Here are a few. Firstly you can collect samples , you can watch animals , you can also help with important farm work

Animals You Can Find There

Here is a list of animals that you can find there. Kangaroo's and wallabys, almost every bird you can think of, a whole river system of fish, snakes, lizards, frogs, cats and dogs, horses, cattle, rabbits, hares and ant lines.