By: Jager Slaght

Intro/background info.

Hey, did you read the newspaper? No what's going on? There's a video game designer in Sweden named Notch. Tell me a little bit about him. OK.

Notch was born on June first 1979 in Sweden Notch started this job when he was 7 and created his first game at the age of 8. Did you know there's a mine craft day on every June 1? That's right, Notch is turning 34 on June 1 2013. Notch is a very intelligent person. Notch has a girlfriend.

famous for/conclusion

Another 2 paragraphs

Notch is known for creating and publishing video games. Notch has sent 7 video games on Microsoft so far. Did you know that Notch created the designs for left for dead.

So now you know about him you should try his games and just to give you a heads up Terri-ea and mine craft are his famous games. Oh and don't miss mine craft day on June 1

That was notch getting quetions

Notch Answers Minecraft 1.8 Questions - Community Questions for Markus (Notch) Persson

About the video

The video you just watched was a mine craft 1.8 question video. The video had a bunch of questions like " where is mine con taking place this year " and " when's 1.9 going to come " and so many more questions.

This is mine craft Notch.

This is Notch as a mine craft skin.


This is hero brine, Notch's all time enemy'

Did you know that notch was hero brine's brother