Vote for Claudius!

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If I trip I will fall, If I become empire, Rome will grow in strengths!

What I will do!

  1. I will defeat Britain!
  2. I will improve Rome's Judicial system!
  3. I will make new laws!
-To protect sick slaves
-Extend citizenship
-More woman privileges
4. Treat my people with respect!

Other Candidates

Guaranteed to Help Rome!

We Tower!

I may be clumsy and I will trip. But I want to help Rome not trip and fall and to stand high and proud. We will be the coliseum and everyone else will be the people inside us. We will grow as a empire and expand Rome. We will not hide we will be brave even in hard times we are Romans we stand tall. All my fellow people I see you all as the inner heart of the Roman city. With out you who do we call the Roman people. I will help you. remember you are part of Rome too. We will defeat the enemies with pride and power. The power of the Romans.

If we all stand tall we will grow and and soon tower over our land the land of the Roman people all of you. Other candidates may think they are the heart of Rome they don't see Rome as the people. Yes they may be big and strong and they may not fall. But when I fall I WILL get up. So maybe I will not be emperor but I will still do all the things i have promised to my people and I will never brake a promise to Rome.