Team Third Grade

Mrs. Behm, Mrs. Komar, & Mrs. Frye

November 22, 2019


We wanted to take this moment to thank our amazing parent community for supporting our third grade team. Your consistent encouragement of having your child read every night and engage in their math practice is making the difference. Have a restful and joyful Thanksgiving as we come to the end of our first trimester of school!

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Language Workshop

In Language Workshop, we have learned from many authors, illustrators, and each other, the importance of community and relationships. It was wonderful unpacking and discovering so many important messages, themes, and lessons from these books. In fact, our deep conversations lead us to put into motion the valuable lessons we were learning. Our third graders took on the challenge to follow a character’s lead, Katie in the book entitled One Smile, to do simple acts of kindness in class, in school, at home and or in their community that could create a ripple effect of compassion.

The students’ focus to lean into their community didn’t stop there. After reading the book, Grandfather Gandhi, they learned the importance of peace and self control. The students then generated productive ways to problem solve and put into action ways that can lift up the community and not break it down. Here’s a snapshot of the trails of their thinking:

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Language Workshop Continued

The theme for our next unit of study for Language Workshop is inquiry. The students will unpack what inquiry is and how it can be used to problem solve. Their wonderings and curiosity will hopefully spark their intentions to search for the answers to their questions that unfold.

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Reader's Workshop

In Reader’s Workshop, we are launching our new study around informational books and noticing different features and moves that writers of this genre use. As researchers, we will continue our search for answers to our questions around topics of interest to guide our study. In this unit, we will focus on noticing the variety of text structures and text features that are used.

Writing Workshop

For our informational writing unit, we are asking the third graders “What are you an expert in?” Students will take their expertise and use it to teach others through writing. They have already brainstormed a few ideas. They are using graphic organizers to plan out their subtopics and details. Then they will turn those plans into several paragraphs about their topic.

Math Workshop

We are continuing on with our unit on multiplication! Students are eager to try different strategies as they are exploring this new concept. Some strategies include repeated addition, equal groups, and making arrays. Ask your kiddo what their favorite strategy is! Next week, we jump into solving word problems using multiplication. We will talk about what to look for in the problem and the important parts that we need to solve! After break, we will look at the connections between multiplication and division as we work hard on building fluency in 3rd grade!

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To wrap up our force and motion unit, students completed the challenge to design a rocket that goes the farthest. We got to launch them all in the gym over the last few days. The third graders had a BLAST!
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Our next portion of this unit will focus on magnetic force. Students will have the opportunity to explore with magnets to discover how they attract and repel. They will learn about the north and south poles as well. They need to know that opposite poles attract (stick) and like poles repel (push away).
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Global Studies

As we continue our study of the continent of Europe, we are focusing on the geography. Students got to travel to Europe through Google Earth and notice many of their special features. For example: peninsulas, rivers, coastlines, mountains, plains, nearby seas & oceans.

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Second Step

Third graders are talking about what it means to have conflicting feelings about a topic or event. It’s an abstract concept that we are trying to shine some perspective on - how two people can have completely different opinions on the same thing! In class, we talked about slime. Some people think slime is absolutely disgusting while others are eager to get their hands on it! With Mrs. Edwards, we are engaging in different strategies that we can use when we get angry. This may include taking a belly breath, lemon squeezes, or a 5 finger breath. These techniques are practiced throughout the day and encouraged to help fight off those feelings of anger!

Save the Date:

The 3rd grade music concert and showcase of excellence is coming up on Tuesday, December 3rd. Please mark this important date on your calendar. See you then!

2:40 Dress Rehearsal in gym

6:00 Showcase of Excellence in 3rd Grade Classrooms

Music Concert to follow in gym