All about Gymnastics

ideas info and steps for all gymnasts!

Gymnastics (description)

Gymnastics has all sorts of different equipment for gymnasts to practice with. For example there are all kind of equipment some the main ones are BARS and BEAMS, a TRAMPOLINE, FLOOR for FLOOR routines.

my experience in gymnastics

I started gymnastics maybe when i was 10 or 11, I did it for at least 2 years. Later on I had to quite first to expensive 2nd doctor order. then after a while I got back in when I could and got a little bit better some reason I didn't continue. I still do it around the house, some of my skills are simple like,1:cartwheel 2:handstand 3rd:front handspring . i might be able to do other but those are some of the ones I can do for now.

How to do a front handspring on the trampoline?. (Sequence)

1st. you need to stretch

2nd. take a couple of jumps so like 2-3

3rd.hop in the center and make sure your arms are straight

4th.get energy to pull yourself up and over

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kick over on the floor (problem and solution)

having trouble with a kick over?, in order to make sure you have a nice kick over then consider the following.


2nd.exercise and practice

Gymnastics or cheer leading (compare and contrast)

1: Gymnastics

you do individual skills and more different events.

2nd:cheer Leading

do team work at competitions and use shoes

3:) both do some of the same skills.