Red Cross RootBeer Fundraiser!

A Cup of Rootbeer and Vanilla Icecream Goodness!

Come and Support!

Hey beautiful people of planet Earth! Red Cross will be setting up a table out in front of Westminster's Albertsons and selling their classic RootBeer Floats! Proudly Sponsored by Albertsons! So come out! and show your support by buying a $1.50 cup of root beer and vanilla ice creamny goodness! :)

**For All you Red Cross Members, this will count towards your points! :) 1 pt. for visiting the booth and 2 pts. for Buying a cup of our yummy RootBeer Float! :) KEEP UP you're dedication to the club! and this fundraiser will just add towards you're dedication! :)**

RC RB Float Fundraiser!

Sunday, Oct. 14th 2012 at 10am-2pm

6755 Westminster Boulevard

Westminister, CA