Daria Twarowski

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Career Description

Actors express ideas and portray characters in theater, film, television and other performing arts media. They entertain and inform the audience.

Duties & Responsibilities

Memorizing your line is one major responsibility. This is because you have to remember what to say while they record you. Another responsibility is to always be on time. You never wanna be late to anything that can help you. Even if you're suppose to meet somebody to help you go over your lines, or audition in front of directors and producers. You never wanna be late because that shows that you don't care, and you might be rejected other places if people see that you are irresponsible. Even if you have a role in, being late is unprofessional.

A duty you need to do is read scripts and meet with agents and other professionals before accepting a role. You need to do this duty because since you're an actor, you need to find jobs to act in. If they're television movies, shows, commercials, etc. Another duty you need to make sure you always improve your performance. People will let you know what they think you have to fix. If you're rude to them and don't take their help you won't get better. Acting is all about getting better throughout the whole career. You need to accept the help, and work on it.

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Education Requirments

Some take college, but some also don't. Actors start throughout their life. It all depends when you're thinking about getting on T.V, and you get better throughout your life.

Job Outlook

As you start, you first will need to get a small role. Everybody starts low, and works their way up. It's a slower job growth then most people, but there will probably be more work for you in the future if you continue being an actor.

Salary & Work Enviornment

Median Pay for Actors is $20.26 per hour.

You can find work in this field by being in a play, or auditioning for a commercial, movie, or show. Most work under pressure, because they have to memorizes lines. They also stress of when they'll find their next job. Some actors hold another job to make a living. The working days often go from one day, to a month. The working hours are very long, and irregular. Actors will also have to work through whatever weather it is, along with their costume.

High School Preparation

Two related courses

East Leyden related courses are: Beginning Drama, and Athletic P.E

Beginning Drama is related because you get a hands on experience on how to perform and how to change emotions. It helps you learn to memorize and details about acting.

I also think Athletic P.E is related, because most actors have to look good for the camera. So they have to push themselves to get that summer body. I think Athletic P.E helps because it teaches you how to motivate yourself, and if you continue it you can achieve that summer body.

Extra-Curricular Activities


These would be beneficial to join because you get a hands on experience of how it would be performing. It can help you get better throughout the play.

Operation Snowball

This would be beneficial to join because it’s like a anti drugs club, which can help you in your future because of everybody judging what you do and if it upsets you, you don’t turn to drugs for help.

Work/Volunteer Experience

If it's just from going to plays, or even being in one. You can also sign up for commercials. Find an agent manager, or contact a director.


Mrs. Nicholson - One of my friends moms in Opera

Bill Mitchell - Director of play at my school, Actor in his school before

Steven Pickering - Acting Teacher at my cousins school

Post-Secondary Plan


The top 3 colleges I want to go to are:

1. California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, Los Angeles California.

2. New York University, Tisch School of the Arts in New York.

3. USC School of Dramatic Arts in Southern California.

Possible Majors for acting are:

Acting, Theater Design, Voice for an Actor, Directing, Costume Designing, and more.

Training/Certificate Programs

There is no training needed. Some actors try out for plays in their schools and get the experience first, while others just audition and get casted for a role.

Internship/Apprenticeship Opportunities

The Acting Company in New York are able all year round, Monday - Friday from 10 am to 6 pm. Internships are usually asked to participate in evening or weekend events. Which benefit them. College credit will be provided.

Also in USC School of Dramatic Arts in Southern California you get to experience film, television, etc. There you get to internship with professional companies. There it is also all year round.

Preferred Job Skills

Responsibility, hard working, patience, presence, and good at rejection.
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