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“Coach, why aren’t you giving me more playing time? I’m the best player on this team.” To this, Wooden replied, “You’re right, you are the best player on this team; but, we are not the best team when you are playing.”

The team was more important than the individual.

Leaders make their schools flat. There’s nothing to be gained from hierarchy. Leaders who successfully make their schools flat encourage everyone to speak up, they invite new thought that challenges traditional methods, they drop the use of official titles, they seek input from community members and students about how the school should operate and include those thoughts when making decisions with staff, and they decentralize the office as the center of thought by shifting it to hallways and classrooms all over the building.

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  • and good luck to our Spring Sports coaches as they begin their seasons.
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Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 29: Grateful Friday Challenge

OH, HECK YES!! Yesterday, today, and the days in the weeks leading up to Spring Break are quite possibly some of the best days of the year. It’s MARCH MADNESS, BABY! It’s time to get out the brackets and fall in love with the game of basketball. Even if you are not a sports fan - the next few days, the games that will play out will be the talk of the nation. Bragging rights are up for grabs; stories of triumph will be told. David will be taking on Goliath in games where everyone has a shot (literally and figuratively) to win!

I don’t know about you, but I have found myself cheering loudly for my favorite teams or for the underdogs in a close game against a team I love to hate. Those games where you find a Cinderella Team defying the odds always make the tournament special as we find those teams with the players and the backstories that we just can’t help but root for.

As we get closer to the end of the year (one more quarter to go!!!) is it possible to turn the energy that we get from the games to the kids? Can we find that one kid in class who needs a bit more from us, energy, time, kind words? We know this year, more than any year in the past, has presented academic, emotional, and social challenges for kids and teachers alike. So today, and heading into next week, find a kid (or kids) that need(s) you. Maybe that one kid that has resisted your help since the start. Make the rest of this year and your class their favorite. Change their lives by being the one teacher who started to believe in them and then never gave up.

Bet on the underdog kid...and make it a long shot.

With banners flying as we go! #FlyAsONE

180 Days of Learning -- #CardsLearn

Hope you enjoy this weeks 180 Days of Learning Posts

Lloyd Winebarger

Mr. Winebarger's Government students began class by discussing if freedom is really free. Students responded to a prompt about how much freedom should be given when that free speech or freedom of the press might be degrading or negative to a person or group. Students discussed these ideas as they began the lesson for the day.

Jarred Corwin

Mr. Corwin's Biology students are learning about genetics. Students moved around the room to different stations to analyze different pedigrees. Students had to determine how traits had been passed along through generations from these pedigrees. When the students thought they were completed they checked with Mr. Corwin and sent back to stations where they might need to analyze the situation more or from a different perspective.

Blood Drive

Mrs. Schnepp's Biology students as part of their Genetics unit created promotional and educational materials for the upcoming RDM Blood Drive. This week, these promotional materials were used to help support the RDM Blood Drive. Mrs. DePalma and the RDM students helped support the drive and numerous students took time during the day to donate blood.

Brendan Dudas

Mr. Dudas's PCC students are learning about the decision-making process. Students have watched portions of the movie Money Ball and looked at steps in the decision-making process through this movie. Students walked through different examples in class to think about all the decisions they have to make in their daily lives. They discussed how the small decisions made on a daily basis can add up over time to impact their future. Students then picked one decision that they needed to make and worked through a five-step process to make the best decision possible in this situation.

Mark Snodgrass and Anthony Stanich

The SHS CyberCards, team 1529, hosted a reveal event for their newly designed robot this week. Mr. Snodgrass and Mr. Stanich are the sponsors of this team. The students presented what they have learned through robotics, shared connections they have made in the community, and showed off their new robot, Red Baron, at this event. The event was a great way for parents to learn more about the process of the FIRST robotics event and to see all the hard work their students have put in to create a competitive robot. Good luck to the CyberCards in their upcoming competitions!

Educational Humor

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