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December 2015


Let me be the first to welcome you to the New Year! I hope everyone had happy holidays and were able to spend them with loved ones. Winter break is in full swing for active brothers, as we still have several weeks before returning to school! While we only had a couple weeks of school in December, we held our banquet, formal, and had 8 members become alumni! Information on awards and senior spotlights can be found below.

*If you are interested in speaking to us, please email me ( or our Vice President, Aspen Ruane (! We would love to have more alumni speakers.

*If you or another alumni have accepted a job, earned a promotion, gotten married, etc., let me know! We would love to spread the good news and celebrate our Brothers' success!

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Fall Banquet

On December 3, Beta Nu held our senior sendoff/awards ceremony.

Alpha Award (outstanding member chosen by president) - Taylor Olson

Kappa Award (outstanding senior chosen by chapter) - Ricky Tabuchi

Psi Award (outstanding member chosen by chapter) Michael Rotellini

Ricky Tabuchi

Pledged Spring 2014

Favorite UW class: Sales Management and Professional Selling with Josh Dorrell

Plans: move to Denver, CO to work at Target as an Executive Team Leader in Assets Protection

Parting advice: Do not take your brothers for granted! Spend as much time with them as possible, because one day you will blink and your college experience will be over. These friends will change your life forever.

Danielle Fish

Pledged Fall 2013

Favorite UW professor: Dr. Brewer

Plans: move to Sioux Falls, SD to live with her sister and work in the Human Resources Department of the South Dakota State Penitentiary

Parting advice: If you want to do something, just do it. Don't wait because the timing will never be right.

Jason Mitchell

Pledged Spring 2014

Favorite UW class: Revenue Management with Dr. Larry Weatherford

Plans: work in the logistics industry in Denver, CO, and eventually go to grad school

Parting advice: Love every second while you can, the good and the bad. College goes by unbelievably quick.

Christy Bessert

Pledged Fall 2013

Favorite UW professor: Penne Ainsworth

Plans: earn her Masters of Accountancy at UW, while sitting for the CPA, then work in public accounting

Parting advice: Take chances!

Taylor Olson

Pledged Spring 2014

Favorite UW class: Systems Administration with Jim Ward

Plans: move to Los Angeles, California, pursuing a career in music business

Parting advice: Be kind to one another. College is the best time of your life. Don't waste it.

Mollie Purcell

Pledged Fall 2013

Favorite UW class: Recess

Plans: work at The Catalogues in Jackson Hole, WY, doing marketing and social media

Parting advice: Even when the world comes crashing down on you, keep fighting.

Logan Isham

Pledged Spring 2014

Favorite UW class: Marketing Management with Professor Minton

Plans: aspiring fitness model and personal trainer

Parting advice: Step up, kick ass, take names, and be everything you can be.

Emily Pacheco

Pledged Spring 2013

Favorite UW class: Information Management with JoLynn Stalnaker

Plans: work for Encana Corp. in Denver, CO as an oil and gas accountant

Parting advice: Stay involved! Don't let studying hard and getting good grades be the only part of your college experience that you remember.

Thank you all for being such loyal brothers. We look forward to you returning to the chapter as alumni, and wish you luck in all of your endeavors!


Over the weekend of December fourth through sixth, Beta Nu members, pledges, and recent alumni traveled to Winter Park, CO for formal weekend, where several members of Alpha Kappa Psi from University of Northern Colorado joined us. On Friday, December 4, the group got together for dinner at a bistro in Winter Park, then hung out at the hotel together where we were able to go swimming or soak in the hot tub. The following day, many brothers met at Fraser Tubing Hill to ride inner tubes down an icy, snowy hill, while other brothers explored what Winter Park has to offer. After tubing, many members branched out to various locations to eat lunch. Then, several brothers went on a brewery tour. On Saturday night we had our Masquerade-themed formal where appetizers were served and a DJ was present. As a quick game at the beginning, those in attendance received a name tag placed on their back with the name of either a male or female in a well-known celebrity couple. Members had to ask other people questions in order to figure out who they were. Once they established their identity, they were tasked with finding their match in the couple! On Sunday, brothers made the journey back home, preparing for dead week and finals week. It was a fun and enjoyable weekend for all!

80th Anniversary Celebration

Information on Beta Nu's 80th anniversary celebration will be detailed in the next newsletter. Until then, mark your calendars for Saturday, April 30th!

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