Interesting facts about Porifera

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6 distinct features of Porifera

  1. most primitive multi-cellular animal
  2. choanocytes
  3. water canal (quiferous) system
  4. organic and inorganic skeletons
  5. totipotency
  6. plasticity


  • Taxonomic level: phylum Porifera
  • symmetry: asymmetrical or radial
  • type of gut: none
  • circulatory system: none
  • nervous system: none
  • sexual or asexual
  • adults are sessile, zygots are protozoan-like
  • filter feeder
  • contains 2 germ layers-endoderm
  • spicule-gives spongy body
  • made up of glass/silicia, or protein/spongin, or calcium carbonate
  • no sensory cells or nerves
  • internal cavities lined by choancytes
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