Meet Zed Shopeto!

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We created this company, because we believe that work-life balance is a very important value. We chose a company with electronics, because we are the generation of technology.

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Our vision

Our company strives to offer the best entertainment to its clients. We have always been on top, having the wider range of games in the lower prices.
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Our values

Balance- Maintaining healthy life and work balance for workers.

Innovation- To come out with new creative ideas that have the potential to change the world.

Passion-Putting the heart and mind in the work to get the best.

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Our goals

Going international is the only way to go. Products circulating internationally create emotional significance for the people who use them and they become of great importance for the country. This is why they make it big in the modern markets!

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Our objectives

Gain more and more customers.

Provide more benefits for our employees.

Provide clear schedules and tasks for our employees.

Provide more than 15 hours/day for personal life.

Offer career opportunities.

Offer better and better compensation and benefits.

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What makes us competitive?

People: We recruit people with appropriate motivation and skills and we train them excellently.

Innovation: We create a culture that embraces and promotes innovation - each and every employee can challenge the status quo and try new things.

Efficiency: We have controls of effectiveness at all levels - all our systems must work perfectly in all aspects, from operations to communications.

Strategy: We embrace our customers and we try to get them involved with our company. To thank them for their loyalty, we keep trying to lower our costs and thus, our prices without affecting the quality of our products!

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