Science Olympiad Interest Meeting

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Is Science Olympiad the club for you?

Is science one of your favorite subjects? Do you enjoy reading and learning about special science topics in your free time? If so, this may be the club for you!

You will become an expert in two or three special events. On Saturday, March 29, 2013, you will compete in these events against other students in Cumberland County.

This is a competitive club! It will require much dedication and extra work. Yes--you will have additional homework! Our team will be made up of only 15 students, and we need the ones that will go above and beyond to help us do our best!

Time and Place

Science Olympiad will meet every Wednesday from 2:15- 3:30 in the Science Exploratorium.

Complete the form below and return to Ms. Schue by Tuesday, November 19th.

My child, ________________________, is interested in learning about Science Olympiad and will attend the Introductory meeting on Wednesday, November 20th from 2:15-3:30.

Please select the arrangements for your child after our meetings.

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