Helping with Homework

A Dadvocates LIVE! Event

Dadvocates LIVE!

Monday, Sep. 21st, 10am

This is an online event.

This workshop will go Live on Facebook at:

Workshop Description:

Is getting homework done more of a chore for you than your child? You’re not alone - most children and youth avoid doing their homework. If you’ve ever wondered how to help your child do homework without a struggle, this workshop will show you how!

Join us in this Dadvocates Live Event as our very own Dadvocate, Luke Wilson, shares tips for helping children living with disabilities complete homework while supporting their educational efforts and encouraging academic success.

Parent Trainer

Luke is a Parent Traner for the Parent Education Network (PEN), a Family Network on Disabilities (FND) project. Luke brings over 20-years of experience navigating special education and the systems of care serving youth, families, and adults living with behavioral, developmental, emotional, medical, mental health, substance use, and trauma-related disabilities. Luke leverages his lived experience and skills as a Certified Recovery Peer Specialist and Group Facilitation Specialist to support, encourage, and empower other parents of youth living with disabilities.