By Julian Cabrerizo 802

What is a lawyer?

A lawyer is a person who is involved in a court of law. The responsibilities of being a lawyer is to communicate with the clients. Also, to assist clients about a legal matter. Another, is to provide legal advice and counseling to clients and to tell them the ups and downs of the client's case. But the most important of them all is to maintain confidentiality of the client and the case.

What training or education do you need to become a lawyer?

To be become a lawyer you will require a formal education. By what that means is that you will need to learn the job's duties and licensure requirements to see if you really want to become a lawyer. All lawyer must have a bachelor's degree from an ABA accredited law school. All lawyers must take the exam which is Law School Admission Test, also known as the L.S.A.T test. which takes about 3 years to complete this assignment.

What is the salary for a lawyer?

Lawyers earn a median annual salary of about $114,300 dollar in 2013, according to the BLS, which is the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The best paid lawyers earn more than $187,199, while the lowest paid lawyer might earn about $55,170.

What are the benefits of being a lawyer?

The potential benefits of being a lawyer can make pursing a legal career worth the effort, can also allow you to make full use of your mental capabilities, facing challenges to solve problems of clients. Another, benefit is that you can choose to specialize in an aspect of the law that meets your interest. The last, benefit is that people ask lawyers for help in their time in need.

What abilities do you need to become a lawyer?

There are 7 essential skills that are needed to become a lawyer which are: first, to taking in lots of information and distilling the key points. Second, working to a deadline or planning ahead. Third, ask the right questions. Fourth, is to understand your client. Fifth, is that barristers need to be good public speakers. Sixth, thinking out legal solutions and arguments. Seventh, is teamwork makes the dream work.


In conclusion, I find it interesting in being a lawyer because they give advice and represent people who need legal help. Also if you are independent and want to be your own boss, you open your own law firm and specialize in the area of law you like best.