Brian Sullivan Colorado

Founder of Precision Global Corporation

Retiring and Moving to Colorado

The President of an independent oil and gas company, Brian Sullivan of Colorado aims to help to United States become energy dependent so that his grandchildren can have a better environment and overall future. Previous to this company, Brian Sullivan of Colorado spent seventeen years in Pennsylvania, then retired and moved to Colorado in 2003. Later he would return to work and then start the independent company.

Brian Sullivan of Colorado - Donating to JDRF

Brian Sullivan of Colorado is the owner, founder, and current President of Precision Global Corporation, which is an oil and gas business that was formed in March of 2014. The young company has been able to find success early in its establishment with five successful wells. By the end of the year, Brian Sullivan of Colorado aims to add twenty more wells to the company’s inventory and by the end of 2019, he looks to have the company be self sufficient.

As a business leader who has a goal of helping his country and bettering the future for his grandchildren, Brian Sullivan Colorado looks to invest into charities that make a difference all over the United States. Some of the charities and associations that Brian Sullivan of Colorado has partnered with include: the Wounded Warrior Project, the American Heart Association, and the Susan G. Komen organization. One issue that Sullivan donates the most to is the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, or JDRF.

On the topic Brian Sullivan of Colorado says, “I have contributed yearly to JDRF. In 2007, I was fortunate enough to donate a trip on a private jet, valued at over twenty thousand dollars.” This cause is close to the heart of Brian Sullivan of Colorado and that of his family. He donates thousands of dollars each year, but no charity does Sullivan give more to that JDRF.

JDRF funds research in juvenile diabetes. This form of diabetes is when the body’s immune system destroys the cells that release insulin. When left untreated, it can eventually eliminate the insulin production from the body. JDRF is thankful to have supporters like Brian Sullivan of Colorado.

Brian Sullivan of Colorado - Precision Global Has Five Successful Wells

Brian Sullivan of Colorado has a long and successful career as a mortgage banker in Pennsylvania. He owned the mortgage lending company Advantage Funding, LLC, which specializing in VA and FHA financial mortgages. After seventeen years working in the industry, Brian Sullivan of Colorado decided it was time to retire and begin a new chapter in his life. Thus, in 2003, Sullivan packed his bags and moved to Colorado starting a new retirement adventure.

As life would have it, Brian Sullivan of Colorado would not stay out of the workforce for long. After working for an oil and gas company, Sullivan saw an opportunity to start a business in the industry. That is how Precision Global Corporation came to be in March of 2014. The company drills in oil field located in Archer County of Texas. What is great for Brian Sullivan of Colorado and his company, is that this is the perfect time to be drilling for oil. In the midst of a substantial growth in production and a rise in price per barrel, Texas is now producing nearly thirty-five percent of the crude oil in the United States.

Precision Global is proud to already have five successful wells in the oil fields of Texas. Brian Sullivan of Colorado has the company on a path to more success and plans on having twenty more wells by the end of the year. On the subject Brian Sullivan of Colorado says, “Our wells are being drilled in a proven field with man successful wells around us. “