Our Dream Classroom

By Isa, Ju, Theo and Raul

How does the teacher start the class? Raul

The teacher starts class with a game, and the winner wins a small prize, so that the other children look forward to class, not only for a prize, but for the class.The game or activity can be something like trashketball or current events.

What does the class look like?Why? Ju

Our ideal class is painted with light colors (like pale blue or green), so it doesn’t disconcentrate the student. It has extra computers, in case the student forgets theirs. There is soft background music, and the chairs are replaced with poofs, so the student can be comfortable during class. If the student does something rude, or wrong, there is the punishment chair, in the back, so that the student is alone, with no one to talk or discuss. The air conditioning is strong, but controllable, so it is never too hot, or too cold. While students do independent work, they can listen to music. In the back of the room, there is a sofa, if the student want to stay there before and/or after class.

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What does the student interaction look like? Theo

Students are nice to each other, and they respect one another. When a student needs help, the others are willing to help. Students always speak english, and respect the teacher too. Students also respect the school's property.

How do you learn what you need to? Isa

We have a good mix of projects and activities for people who learn auditorily, visually or tactile, like projects, videos and lectures so that everyone learns in their own way, but everyone still gets the same information, but in a different way. Everyone learns the same information as the other, so everyone will be in the same level of learning no one is ahead no one below the average.