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Motorcycle Awareness Month - Drivers "Must Share the Road"

Riding a motorcycle does not have to be dangerous. In addition to educating riders about motorcycle safety, which Kawasaki Motorcycle and this blog has helped accomplish, we also need educate automobile drivers about the plight of motorcyclists. Thankfully, just this past Wednesday the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration and the motorcycle riding community announced that the 2014 BikeSafe Maryland educational campaign is now underway. The campaign rides the pronouncement of Governor Martin O'Malley that May is Motorcycle Safety Month. This campaign is not to be confused with the American Motorcyclist Association’s national Go Ride! Month, which was in April.

Some good news from officials has it that "motorcycle-involved traffic fatalities in Maryland dropped to the lowest levels in a decade, declining from 77 fatalities statewide in 2012 to just 61 in 2013." However, despite a steady drops in fatalities beginning in 2008, Anne Arundel Country was a rare exception that saw an increase to five motorcycle fatalities in 2013. For obvious reasons, Anne Arundel county is stepping up is safety measures this month, and offering classes as well.

Bikers will be thankful to the safety month for a stepped-up public awareness campaign that will post on boards, yard signs, banners and internet advertisements messages to look for cyclists before changing lanes.

The obvious question is--does any of this stuff work? According to an article posted by WBAL, the BikeSafe campaign led to a 25% reduction in U.K. motorcycle fatalities since its inception in 2003. The program began in the United Kingdom. And across the pond in North Carolina, which began the program in 2007, there as been a reported 20% reduction in fatalities.

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For more information regarding BikeSafe Maryland contact Lt. David Ennis, Commander of the Anne Arundel County Police Department's Traffic Safety Section, at 410-222-8573.