The Weekly Griffin

Week of March 31, 2019 - #BuildingABetterGriffin

Gifted Educator Conference

This Tuesday (April 2nd), the Charles Townes Center at the Sterling School will host our first gifted educators' conference. We are anticipating approximately 80 guests from various schools, districts, and higher education institutions across our state. With this in mind, we are asking for your help.

1) Parking will be very limited throughout the day. Conference attendees will be on campus from 8:00am until 3:30pm.

2) During morning drop-off, please be patient as we anticipate parking to be very limited and may have a longer car line than usual as visitors are arriving.

3) If your child needs to be released early for a medical appointment, please email your child's teacher in advance so as to minimize disruptive calls to classrooms during the day.

4) Many of our teachers will be encumbered with extra responsibilities related to the conference, so please be mindful that they may not be as available as they usually are to respond to email or phone messages.

We are extremely excited about this milestone at our school and we look forward to sharing more in next week's Griffin! #BuildingABetterGriffin #WholeChild

Battle of the Books: District Champions!

The Sterling School Battle of the Books team are this year’s district CHAMPIONS! Eight teams from across Greenville County Schools competed in tonight’s district level competition. Congratulations, Griffins! Many thanks to Mrs. Matthews and Mrs. Henry for their commitment and dedication as coaches. #BuildingABetterGriffin #WholeChild

What's Ahead...

  • April 2 - Report Cards

  • April 2 - CTC Gifted Educator Conference

  • April 5 - Spring Pictures

  • April 5 - April Arts, 5:30-7:30pm

  • April 10 - Families for Lunch

  • April 11 - Deadline to apply for ARMES program

*As a reminder... Please continue to be mindful of our drop-off and pick-up.

  • Have students exit and load the full length of the awing.
  • Keep this area "cell phone free!"
  • Do not let students out at "roundabout" near Phillis Wheatley.
  • Do not let students out in the faculty/staff parking lot along the Phillis Wheatley property.
  • We discourage the use of the parking lot at Tanners. Please utilize our school's driveway.
  • Do not text your child at dismissal and request that they walk to Tanner's without an adult.

The CTC Newspaper: 3rd Edition

Extra, Extra, Read All About It! The third edition of the CTC Newspaper, our school's student newspaper, is out! (CLICK HERE!) A student newspaper teaches and reinforces a lot of skills that will benefit students today and tomorrow. Students who participate in a student newspaper learn a lot of workplace skills such as management, meeting deadlines, and communicating with others. School newspapers also enforce a need for teamwork. As our students continue to learn how to write, edit, and publish a regular newspaper, you will see further developments. Thank you, in advance, for supporting our students by taking a few minutes to read and support their work! #BuildingABetterGriffin #WholeChild

Band Gives Perfect Performance

Last Friday, at the South Carolina Band Directors Association's Concert Performance Assessment at Liberty High School, Sterling School/CTC received “Superior with Distinction!” This year's group received a PERFECT SCORE! We are very proud of our students and are grateful for our band teacher, Mrs. Ashleigh Ledford! #BuildingABetterGriffin #WholeChild

Safe Kids Day @ the Greenville Drive

Big picture

PTA Family STEM Night

Thurs, April 25th - Family STEM Night (Grades 3rd-5th): Families can participate in fun, hands-on STEM activities! Great enrichment opportunity! (See flyer below for more information.)

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Get Involved...Our Students Need YOU!

Did you know Greenville, SC ranked 3rd among cities in the United States of citizens who volunteer most? According to Barna's recent report, 27% of survey participants reported that they volunteer for a nonprofit organization on a weekly basis. On behalf of the faculty and staff at Sterling School, we appreciate our volunteers! THANK YOU for generously supporting our students and school community with your time, energy, and care! #BuildingABetterGriffin
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A Word from Dr. P: Finish Strong

Tomorrow marks the end of the 3rd 9 weeks; on Tuesday, we start the final quarter of the current school year. With 3 weeks until Spring Break, we may find ourselves tired, unfocused, or complacent. You might feel tempted to check homework less frequently, allow your child to stay up later, or hold different expectations than you did in August or September. As a parent, I understand. We must resist these temptations and finish strong.

As parents, you carry a weight that is vital to our mission... to prepare our students for tomorrow's world! At times, you are a coach, teacher, mentor, disciplinarian, counselor... and the list goes on. The role you play within our school is huge! Without your continued involvement and support, we are unable to truly unlock the full potential in every child.

As we enter the final quarter of the school year, please know how much we appreciate you and your involvement! Remember to remain focused... read with and to your child, ensure they complete all homework, communicate with their teachers, and continue to be involved. If there is anything we can do to further support our home/school partnership, PLEASE do not hesitate to let us know! We are here to serve and partner with our Sterling School families. #BuildABetterGriffin #WholeChild

PTA Reflections Winners!

PTA will present awards to our school's Reflections winners at 5:15pm in the cafeteria just prior to April Arts! If your child is a school winner, please try to be present so they can be recognized. Winners will receive a unique award and a movie voucher! We are so proud of all of our school winners!

The Griffin Reflections team is proud to announce the following PTA Reflections Program winners at the School, District, and State levels!

= District & State Winners =

Elizabeth Barr

District Award of Excellence, Middle School Photography

Mary Hazel Hinson

District Award of Merit, Intermediate Film Production

Yashavini Ranganathan

District Award of Excellence, State Award of Excellence, Middle School Literature

Yashavini Ranganathan

District Award of Excellence, State Award of Merit, Middle School Dance Choreography

Yashavini Ranganathan

State Award of Merit, Middle School Film Production

= School Level Winners =

Literature Intermediate Division

1st: Lena Alioua - Robert

2nd: Darby Burdette - The Ones Who Care

3rd: Sashwath Sivaraman - Hound in Our Darkest Hour

Literature Middle School Division

1st: Yashasvini Ranganathan - Hero in My Heart

2nd: Stephanie Hu - My Hero Writing Homework

3rd: Tarika Desai - Poverty’s Silence Can Thou Be Heard?

Visual Arts Intermediate Division

1st: Lena Alioua - Heroes Around Me

2nd: Aditya Harikumar - Our Local Heroes

3rd: Sashwath Sivaraman - Prayers for Our Troops

Visual Arts Middle School Division

Yashasvini Ranganathan (2 entries tied) - A Hero’s DNA & Our Local Heroes

Photography Intermediate Division

1st: Mary Hazel - Hero Hugs

2nd: Sashwath Sivaraman - Guiding Light

Photography Middle School Division

1st: Elizabeth Barr - Our Planets Heroes

2nd: Yashasvini Ranganathan - Shining Hero

Music Composition

Darby Burdette - Heroes

Film Production Intermediate Division

Mary Hazel Hinson - Bear in There

Film Production Middle School Division

Yashasvini Ranganathan - What is a Hero?

Dance Choreography Middle School Division

Yashasvini Ranganathan - Vishnu The Protector & My Hero