4 steps to the Presidency

The How to way to become the President


1) Candidate must be 35 years of age or older

2) Candidate must be a natural born citizen

3) Candidate must be a resident of the United States a minimum of 14 years

Quick Advise

Instead of trying to campaign right at the age of 35, wait a at least 10 years before campaigning to get political and leadership experience or background. You want to be the best candidate you can be.


First off there are many people who will run for president and they will all have their own ideas. Some candidates may have the same or similar ideas, so they will put themselves into a political party. You must decide upon a party depending on your ideas. Once you have chosen your party you may now campaign around the country to win the favor of the members in your party.

The Caucus

This is where the members of your party will debate and discuss many times to pick the best or their favorite candidate for the party.


This is where the members of your party will privately vote by ballot which candidate they want to represent the party in the General Election.

Quick Advice

Push one one or two of your ideas to the max to get members of your parties attention. Remember you want to stand out of the crowd of the many other candidates but make sure you stand out in a good way.


Party Vote

If you have made it here, you are now at one or your biggest challenges. Here you will try to win the vote to be the final presidential candidate for your party. There will be more than one convention around the country for not only your party but for the other standing partys.

Vice President

Congrats you have won the vote from your party and you will be representing your party in the General Election. But before you go on you must pick a member of your party to be your right hand man. This person if you are to win the election will be known as the Vice President. They run along side you and if by chance you become President and at a point may not be able to continue your job, they will take your place.


Now that you have your right hand man and your parties support, it is time for you to go out and campaign. Here you will set up all your ideals or your platform for all the people to see. With political ads and and general public meetings, you will try to win the minds and hearts of the countries people and gain support for your campaign.

Quick Advise

Confidence is key. Be confident in your ideas, plan, and especially yourself. Be the best version of yourself to win over your party and the people of your county.


Voting Day

Today is the day the people of your country will cast in there votes. But remember these votes are not the final votes. These votes goes to the electors of the state the vote was cast in. The ballots from each state will be tallied up and given to the electors so they can decide who as a state should be president.

Quick Advice

Keep your head high. You may be loosing or winning by popular vote but this isn't the end. The electoral vote could be the opposite of the popular vote meaning how you think you are doing in the election so far could flip on you. Remember the election in 2000...


The last stretch

The votes are caste and its time for the electors to decide. Depending on how much each state is represented in congress, the state will be given a certain numbers of electors they may have. The state may gain or lose electors depending on the change of their representation in congress. The electors for each state will look at the number of ballots for each candidate, and depending on that number, each elector will give there electoral vote for who they want as the president.

The count

In all there are 538 electoral votes. Each state has caste in their votes and you must get at least half or approximately 270 electoral votes to win the election.

Quick Advice

Keep calm. The wait for the votes can be long and you don't want to look like a fool freaking out. Represent yourself proudly and calmly to decrease the risk of you doing something that risks you of losing votes.



You've done it! The people voted and they want you as their new leader. Congratulations!

Stand tall for you are going to be the new leader of the county. You are to be inaugurated into the presidency along side your vice president in January.

Quick Advice

Remember to get your inauguration speech ready and acknowledge the others candidates you ran against.