Swartz Creek Academy

Career & College Preparatory

Vision for 2015 - 2016 : by RKT / June 2015

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If you don't eat yer meat, you can't have any pudding. - How can you have any pudding if you don't eat yer meat?

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Swartz Creek Academy 2015 -2016



To have the Swartz Creek Academy become:
  • College & Career Ready for all students.
  • Utilizing the Michigan Department of Education Seat Time Waiver program.
  • Empower existing staff to Exemplary practices put forth form the MDE, NAEA, NDPC.
  • Board representative
  • 70% Pass Threshold
  • Effective Grading Wormli - Apply to retake
  • MDE = Michigan Department of Education
  • NAEA = National Alternative Education Association
  • NDPC = National Dropout Prevention Association
  • All students will Have a Job, Internship or Skill Center. (Employability Skills)
  • Employability Skills - 1 full credit / .5 Practicum / .25 onleine CTE/EDP /.25 In house course
  • Individualized Learning Plans for ALL students.
  • Base our infrastructure on the 15 Strategies put forth by the NDPC.
  • All students are on STW.
  • PTA - Parent Teacher Association (Mary Crapo Alumni & Friends Association)
  • In house classes are college organized.
  • Weekly assemblies with ethos.
  • Personal Financial Literacy
  • Register to Vote (18)
  • Library Card
  • All classes have a Capstone Presentation.
  • EDP is a full course.
  • Every Student completes Do DONE DECREE Workshop
  • After-school activities are available.
  • Why Try - Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • Teachers have planning time.
  • Teachers as leaders of building
  • Staff part of continuing Ed in Alternative Education
  • PD/ Conference/ MAEO / NAEA
  • Branding for Academy
  • Each teacher has a home room / Mentor STW list.
  • Students visit career and College sites.
  • Be Efficient and Effective with time and resources.
  • Continue to be a solution for the District special situations.
  • Partner with Community and Business
  • Academy Patio - for lunch (Behind Boiler building)
  • Students take full responsibility for their education
  • Graduate students with a plan for their future.
  • Brand the Academy as Career & College Ready.
  • Have 3 options for Diploma Credit requirements.
  • 23 Credits - HS / 19 Credits Academy / ? Adult
  • Academy Diploma = 18 core + 1 credit in Employability Skills
  • Become a model program for the County, State, Nation and World.
  • Have flexible times for the students depending on need.
  • Mary Crapo Curb Side appeal projects
  • Peers Who Care
  • Standards based Grading
  • Value of the week - Values.com
  • Student led Evaluations 3 times per year parent Teacher Conference)
  • Utilize VLAC = Virtual Learning Academy Consortium/ STW Funding
  • Utilize Graduation Alliance - 23A /
  • Partner with GEARUP2LEAD - Dr. Hartley / 23 A Funding
  • Partner with Tod Sorensen - Whaley House / 23A Funding
  • Create a Visual & Performing Arts program / utilize community artists.
  • Build capacity and FTE for the District.

These are just a few ideas for consideration as we venture into the 5th year of the STW in Swartz Creek.

Please find below supporting links for the thesis above.

Richard Kerry Thompson

Dean of Students

Policy 5460 - SC Graduation Requirements

Employability Skills

In addition to job skills, all employers expect job applicants to have employability skills, the important “soft” skills that are critical to working with others and being a successful employee. In this course, attitude, appearance, tact, dependability and other skills are emphasized. The acquisition of these skills will help make you a valuable employee.



Mentor Guidelines - MVU

Please click on link for Mentor Guidelines - MVU

Parent Guide - Online Learning - MVU

Please click on link for Parent Guide - Online Learning - MVU

MVU - OLOT - Online Learning Orientation Tool

Please click on link for MVU - OLOT - Online Learning Orientation Tool

GISD - Seat Time Waiver Overview

Please click on link for GISD - Seat Time Waiver Overview


Please Click on link for DONE DO DECREE - Earn my DEGREE


  • Congress
  • Guest Speaker
  • Quote
  • Value
  • Latin Life Lesson
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • English
  • VPAA
  • World Language
Odysseyware 2015-2016 Catelog

Odysseyware 2015-2016 Catelog

Odysseyware Catelog

Odysseyware Catelog