Lord of the Flies

Final Project

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Democracy vs Dictatorship

A democratic government is governed by people whom are chosen by the people in order to serve and protect the people. This type of government allows freedom and 'say' in what is going on. The folks in office try to make largest amount of people happy that they can, and look many og the big 'needs' that we must/want to have or need to fix.

A dictatorship is the complete opposite of freedom. Many will not want one person in power because they gained their power in forceful ways. A dictator would not care about the need or wants of his people, though would take care of what he/she wanted at all times.

Jack's Group- "Iv'e called an assembly because of a lot of things. First, you know, we've seen the beast...." This shows how Jack is the dictator himself because he took the conch from the leader of the group (who was appointed by the people, for the people) and has asserted himself to power.

Ralph's Group- "I'm chief because you chose me. And we were going to keep the fire going. Now you run after food..." This shows that Ralph is being assertive to Jack and that Ralph really does have the best intentions for the people whether they realize now or not. Also, he was chosen by the people themselves to be a 'guide' to show people how to survive and become/remain civil with one another.

Jack > Dictator

Ralph > Democrat

My Society

I would adopt a democratic government because it gives the people a say in what goes on, though they do not individually have power themselves. They have one 'ruler' who looks out for the greater good of everyone.


1. No fighting, physical or verbal

2. Any arguments will be solved through mediation of their peers

3. Everyone must use the restroom in the same general area

4. No lying

5. Everybody 21 & over has a say and a vote in decision making processes

6. Will have 1 of 4 jobs: Builders, Hunters, Enforcers and Farmers

7. Must always do your job and do it well

8. Anyone who disobeys rules with receive two more hours of work (for that night)

9. No 'partying' (drinking, drugs) until age 21

10. Nobody is allowed to split up - must stay as a group

The Korean War - Divisions Between the North & South

The Korean War, a communist North Korea waging war against a non-communist South Korea, divided a nation, literally. Along the 38th parallel, lines were drawn dividing a nation in two, decided by a bloody battle for control and independence. This historical period of "in-fighting" left over a half a million Koreans dead or wounded, with what little developed infrastructure destroyed as a result. The South Korean government, backed by the U.S. military, was able to resolve their own forces into a semi-democratic system, while the North Korean government split apart to pursue their own communist views of government. A quote from President Harry Truman truly emphasizes the similarities between the war and "Lord of the Flies", in that he says "In my generation, this was not the first occasion when the strong had attacked the weak….Communism was acting in Korea just as Hitler, Mussolini, and the Japanese had acted ten, fifteen, and twenty years earlier. I felt certain that if South Korea was allowed to fall, Communist leaders would be emboldened to override nations closer to our own shores". This quote masterfully explains the more basic instincts of man, and the comparisons that can be seen between the North Korean dictators and that of Jack's crew from the book are striking. Ralph's point of view seems to favor that of President Truman.
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Syria's Civil War within a Civil War

Forces from Iraq and Syria have come into conflict with the Free Syrian Army Fighters who continue to rebel against the current Syrian regime in power. Iraq and Syrian forces look to quell these outbreaks and attempt to maintain control over the nation, meanwhile these rebel free fighters refuse to accept the governing power and have taken to violence as a result. While these forces continue to attempt to resolve their conflict via armament and warfare, the United Nations has attempted to call for peace talks in Geneva to help end the violence the rebels have unleashed. It is the UN's hope that the peace talks will slow the death toll that continues to climb, numbers as high as 100,000 people were recorded since 2011. The Iraqi and Syrian troops definitely have the advantage in numbers, but also are burdened with protecting the citizens instead of maintaining an offensive. However, the free fighters that continue to lash out in violence have the advantage of surprise and equal weaponry but also are on their own in terms of assistance, supplies, and international law. In the end, the free fighting rebel groups will not see their wishes come true, but may kill thousands more and waste millions of dollars before they are stopped. Time is of the essence; and time, surely, is running out.