PLAEA Instructional Coaching Camp

Focused Sessions for Administrators & Instructional Coaches

PLAEA is offering five different structured professional learning sessions geared to primarily instructional coaches and administrators. The overall purpose of the camp sessions is to build the individual and collective efficacy of participants to deepen their competence and confidence in coaching and leadership practices. Facilitators are Jaymie Randel and Maurita Aubrey.

Sessions are scheduled May 14-18 in Pocahontas and repeated June 5, 6, 7, 13, and 14 in Storm Lake. Each session runs from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. with an hour for lunch on your own.

Participants can choose from up to five sessions in various coaching and leadership practices. Sessions are designed for participants to collaborate, self-direct their learning, engage in inquiry and productive struggle, and provide and receive feedback.

One hour license renewal credit is available for those who attend a minimum of three sessions during the May and/or June dates. Please register for credit through the PLAEA professional development system. Course title is "Boosting Coaching Practices and Skills."

Details for each session are included below. Contact Jaymie Randel,, with questions.

Do I have to?

Engaging Resistant Adults and Conducting Hard Conversations

Tuesday, May 15 or Wednesday, June 6

Purpose: Participants use personal case studies regarding hard conversations to study, practice, and utilize resources meant to reduce conflict and move thinking forward.


  • Purposefully communicate to safely involve another person in examining and transforming a conflict

  • Actively listen to suspend judgements by paraphrasing/summarizing, asking clarifying questions, and using non-judgmental language

  • Reflect upon the experience showing understanding of what contributes to conflict and each person’s role in the conflict

  • Reflect upon the experience showing understanding of the importance of purposefully planning in order to move thinking forward and strengthen the relationship

  • Plan next steps

Is it a meeting or learning opportunity?

Rebooting PLCs to Grow Teacher Collective Efficacy for Improving Student Learning

Friday, May 18 or Wednesday, June 13

Purpose: Participants use personal experiences regarding PLC conversations to study, practice, and utilize resources meant to move the PLC culture from a meeting to learning that moves thinking and instructional practices forward.


  • Clearly communicate a …

    • purpose for PLCs so that the “why ”inspires commitment

    • picture of successful PLCs so that clarity energizes action

    • plan for PLCs so that priorities are clear and resources are allocated

    • part for every PLC team member to play so that expectations are clear

    • progress monitoring plan so that needed adjustments can be made along the way

Does sit and get stick?

Brain Friendly Practices that Enhance Adult Participation and Engagement that Lead to Deeper Learning and Implementation

Monday, May 14 or Tuesday, June 5

Purpose: Participants study and adapt protocols in preparation of a professional learning session for their staff members that incorporate brain friendly practices for maximizing participation and engagement.


  • purposefully plan a professional learning session to maximize participation and engagement

  • reflect upon feedback showing understanding of what contributes to and/or hinder participation and engagement

  • develop a feedback survey for the professional learning session

Is the building climate hot or cold?

Coaching with Culture and Climate in Mind for Improving Student Learning

Wednesday, May 16 or Thursday, June 7

Purpose: Participants use personal case studies to assess the current culture for coaching and the self-efficacy and collective efficacy of staff to develop entry points and strategic steps for increasing the number of teachers who engage in coaching cycles.


  • assess current reality of the coaching culture and climate

  • select efficacy survey to administer

  • develop a plan for administering the survey, analyzing the data, and creating entry points and strategic next steps for more teachers engaging in coaching cycles

  • develop a plan to monitor shifts in the coaching culture and climate

Got data, now what?

Coaching with Culture and Climate in Mind for Improving Student Learning

Thursday, May 17 or Thursday, June 14

Purpose: Participants use data along with personal experience to analyze and display data for various audiences to support decision-making for improving student outcomes.


  • thoroughly and accurately analyze data

  • create visual displays of data for different audiences to support decision-making

  • Develop an action plan for ongoing data analysis practices for 2018-19

Big picture