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Vol. 18 - February 2019

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Director's Spotlight - Shanna Grubb

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful help and support last Saturday. It was so great to see the girls win the extra large team category and 1st runner up overall! We are so proud of them! I'm looking forward to doing it all again on Feb. 23rd at LTHS!

We will need help again with the curtains and the prop at the next contest so please sign up here .

We should have a preliminary schedule soon.

Thanks again for all you do to make Legacy Line successful.

Booster Board ELECTION NEWS...

Nominating Committee Form

If you are interested, or would like to nominate a fellow booster member, in joining the committee who will collect, compile, and meet as a group to slate next year's board, please complete the link below by February 22.

Nominating Committee LINK

Nominations for Board 19-20

The 19-20 board nominations lInk will be coming in the March Enews. It will be created and monitored ONLY by the Nominating Committee Chair and committee members, to ensure privacy of ballots and the board election process. We are blessed with many wonderful leaders amongst our booster membership, so please be sure to nominate!! Deadline for board nominations will be March 22.

Slating the LL Backers New Board:

Feb. 11-22: Deadline to nominate a booster member/yourself for Nominating Committee (President will then notify those nominated and assemble committee)

March 4: Deadline for Nominating Com. Chair to send President the Board Nomination link

March 8: Board Nomination link added to March ENews

March 22: Deadline for Board Nominations (nominate booster member/yourself)

April 1-5: Nominating Com. Chair sends out board questionnaires to nominees

April 8-26: Nominating Com. collects/compiles/sorts all completed nominee questionnaires

May 6-17: Nominating Com. meets/decides/calls/confirms slated board positions

May 21: New LL Backers Board 19-20 announced at booster meeting

*Reminder: Legacy Line Backers Booster Meeting - May 21.

Click HERE for the Booster & Board Calendar 18-19

1st VP (Social): Brooke Smith

Goody Bag SIGN UP!

Thank you for taking a moment to review the sign up for the Crowd Pleasers Competition goody bags. These bags help our Legacies know we are thinking of them as they work hard on each performance. It will be a long day and we are super excited to see each amazing performance.


2nd VP (Fundraising): Danielle Woods

Spring Show Program Ads - ORDER FORMS

It's that time again! Our Spring Show 2019 will be here before you know it and we want to be sure your Legacy is highlighted in the Show Program.

Please be sure to complete all 3 needed steps to make a purchase.

  • complete order form
  • send digital pictures to program coordinator
  • complete payment on Revtrak

We have our very own talented graphic designer booster member, Kristina Steinhauser, who will be creating our program this year! YAY!

If you would love to see your beautiful Legacy in the program please click on the link below to complete order form step.


Treasurer: Margaret Wilson

If you are completing the Spring Program Ad Order form above, the next step will be to complete your order by making payment using the link below:


Payment can also be made via the Legacy Line Website under 'payments' and then clicking on 'spring show ads'. Thank you!

Past Board Member: Christie Halverson

Believe it or not, we are ready to start the planning process with the social officers for our End of Year celebration.

If you would like to join the EOY party committee and work with our wonderful social officers, please email Christie Halverson at the following email address:

Coming in February...

  • 2/13 Spring Show team poster taken during class
  • Friday 2/15 and 2/19 NO SCHOOL
  • 2/20 Field Trip to FISD Special Olympics
  • 2/21 Mandatory Legacy Line Tryout Meeting @ 7:30pm in Cafeteria (parent and student)
  • 2/23 Crowd Pleasers Competition @ Lebanon Trail HS in Frisco
  • 2/25 Team Composite Picture during class

Coming in March...

  • 3/1 Legacy Line Lock-In
  • 3/7 Officer Try Out Mandatory Meeting @ 7pm in WHS library (parent & student)
  • 3/23 Spring Clinic 8:30-12:30
  • 3/27 Move into Auditorium
  • 3/30 Staging Rehearsal - all day

*Stay up to date with the latest calendar please CLICK on link below for 2018 Calendar and select month.

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Get Connected - Stay Connected

Get Connected - Stay Connected

Get Connected - Stay Connected

President (Mona Savage) -

1st VP (Brooke Smith) -

2nd VP (Danielle Woods) -

Secretary (Lisa McManus) -

Treasurer (Margaret Wilson) -

Past Board Member (Christie Halverson) -

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