For NISC DT lab

Monday 6th

  • I am gonna spend 60 minutes finishing the design section using smore
  • I am gonna put all my design in the design section explaining and evaluating them, I am gonna spend about 30 minutes or less.
  • I will create my final design
  • The resources that i am using and will use are, writing utility, something to write on and a word processor
  • I will spend 1 hour preparing a detailed PLAN as my homework. The resource that will be used is access to internet,, something to write on and a pencil

Tuesday 7th

  • In my spare time, i will research for examples of DT workshops around the world, mostly aiming on the layout and the contents using 30 minutes. This research will help me on my own creation.

Wednesday 8th

Today is where i complete everything in my smore and the time that i will allocate 20 minutes to try me best to complete everything and let the teacher check my work to see if there are anything that i should improve on. Also, i want to try to get all the measurements for the classroom today so all of us could get started on the DT lab design to day but if i have the chance to, i will spend 15 minutes to get the closest measurement of the classroom that is going to be the new DT lab.

Thursday 9th

Today i will use my spare time and start on the basics on the DT lab design, first i want to get all the measurements cleared to i will start shaping the building using the measurements that i got from last class and i will use 30 minutes of my time using Google sketchup. If i dont get the measurements, i will start to finish up my smore flyers or my designs and plan and finalize everything to make it completely done, for this, i will spend 40 minutes of my time. But if i get the chance to do both, i will spend 1 hour and 20 minutes to work on but, 1 hour i will do the sketchup and if i finish early, i will use my remaining working on my designs and planning in and probably a few more extra minutes.

Friday 10th

Today i will use most of my technology class time trying to fix up any mistakes that i did which i will spend 5 minutes or if i have a lot of mistakes then i will spend 10 or 15 minutes fixing it. I got the measurements all set up which means all i have to do is to use all my time to build the inside walls, putting in doors and probably putting some furniture which i will probably not be done because it would take a lot of time trying to shape the inside of my DT lab design in Google sketchup and if i dont finish, it would be homework for me.
Saturday 11th
Today i will start finishing my homework by using 1 hour to fix any mistakes i made and add the tables, chairs and everything that should be put in my design. I will also start to add the colors but it would not be so necessary today
Sunday 12th
Today is where i add all the colors in the classroom using 10 minutes of my time and use 5 or more minutes just to check everything and see if it looks good including my flyers in
Monday 13th (create)
Today is to make sure that i should add anything in the Google sketchup or in my Smore flyers which i will spens 5 minutes for more.


May 10,

Today i have completed many things in investigations and planning, i consider myself going really fast because designing the DT lab is easy when i have the measurements ready so on Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be designing only but i might also spend a little of time checking my flyers to see if anything is wrong or if i should add anything. I was mostly working in my investigation because there was many issue that i should fix, i had a little problem during class so i had to waste a few minutes in the technology class so i could have done more and i could have more time working on my design but i still consider myself fairly ahead of my schedule.

May 11/12

I did start on my create and also finalized everything on my flyers so things a going according to plan, but i will still have a one day late on finishing my design because i only started on my create, i added the measurements in the wall and i i made everything all hollow inside, but now the only thing left is for me to perfect the measurements and shape everything in the inside, lastly, i add the windows and colors so i will be doing some as my homework and i will spend 1-2 hours to work because it would be hard to added the furniture or find the appropriate one. I would also like to spend some time to check my flyers to see if i have any second thoughts on my word.