How Gum affects School

How Gum affects Students

Introductory Paragraph

There I am again nudging my friend hoping to have one last piece, eyeing my teacher to every move I make mouth already tasting the fruity flavor. Gum in schools believe it or not has affected academically and reaction wise.

Body Paragraph

One reason gum can affect student's in school is there grades. According to the article "To Chew or Not to Chew" it states "American Society for Nutrition found that students who chewed gum during class over a 14-week period had a significant increase in test scores and received a better final grade compared to those who had not chewed gum." This evidence shows that it is better to chew gum in class so you can get better grades. One might argue that chewing gum in class can be distracting and nasty. But, if everyone were to chew with their mouth closed and throw their gum away in the trash maybe teachers would allow students to chew gum in class.