Personally impacting our Neighbors


  • Proficient English Speakers
  • Individuals excited to invest in another individual
  • Over the age of 18
  • Need to go through training from the Oakland Literacy Council (See details below)

  • Non-English speakers
  • Partnered with same-gender Tutors through the Oakland Literacy Council


Tutoring partners will meet once a week with the location and time flexible to the partners. Vacations, trips, and breaks are allowed and flexible with your partner!

You will be helping your student work towards their specific goals that they have identified with the Oakland Literacy Council (OLC). Resources are provided through the council and at the church. You will be working one-on-one with your student to help them in the specific areas, places, topics, and goals.

Going on "field trips" and doing activities together is encouraged and part of the English-learning experience.

Where / When

  • You and your partner are paired based on similar locations, and the two of you can choose a central public location to meet at.
  • The church during office or other event hours is available to use.
  • Libraries are great locations.


  • You and your partner will pick a workable time to meet for 1-2 hours each week. Again, if vacations, travel, or obligations change this commitment can be changed and adjusted.
  • The OLC asks that you commit to one year after they have trained you.


Bridge ESL - Nestor Baron

The Oakland Literacy Council Partnership

We are partnering with the OLC as they are a non-profit willing to help train tutors and to do the tutor to student partnering using their available students.

There are support opportunities through the council for tutors seeking advice, assistance, and encouragement and ideas from other tutors.

Training opportunities and more information are available on their website.

The upcoming training dates are:
  1. October 19th (9am-3pm), 21th (6-8:30pm), 22th (6-8:30pm)
  2. November 9th (9am-3pm), 11th (6-8:30pm), 12th (6-8:30pm)


Please contact someone from BCC if you are interested. To register for the training you will need to go through the OLC directly. There is a minimal fee for the training to cover materials.


  1. Margaret Mountain - coordinating ministry fair responses
  2. Kelsey Witt - coordinating the ESL tutoring ministry
  3. Beth Taylor or Bernadette Vinson - ESL tutors for specific questions about what tutoring sessions can look like