Vol. 1 No. 11 ~ Mar. 7, 2014

This Newsletter:

  • Odyssey 4th Grade: Utah Diversity
  • T.O. Smith 6th Grade: Planets
  • Wasatch 5th Grade: U.S. History
  • Library Spotlight: Shadow Valley

Odyssey 4th Graders Get to Know Utah's Diverse Cultures

Utah's history is built upon the foundation of many different cultures and people. 4th graders at Odyssey researched these various groups to find out their influence and contributions to our state's growth. With the guidance of their teachers, Jessica Tonnies, Amanda Bell, and Brandie Dyson, as well as the DTLs, students took notes on information found online and in their textbooks. They then created newspaper articles and short essays about Native Americans, mountain men, railroad workers, pioneers, Chinese immigrants, Hispanics, etc. This all culminated in a family literacy night where students presented their work and shared songs about the diverse groups.

T.O. Smith 6th Graders Check Their Sources

Sixth graders at T.O. Smith have been exploring our solar system. A DTL worked with Ms. Hutson for one of her science rotations. A highlight from the project was when students found sources about Mercury that contradicted each other. They had to determine which source was the most accurate and reliable. It was a great demonstration of double-checking resources when conducting research. Nice attention to detail sixth grade!

Wasatch 5th Graders Think Like Historians

A group of 5th graders at Wasatch Elementary were asked to "think like historians." Students worked in partners to research U.S. history topics ranging from the American Revolution to the Civil Rights Movement. Instead of just presenting the facts, Mrs. Mathewson and a DTL asked the students essential questions to guide their research. Questions included:

  • What were the lasting effects of the Lewis and Clark expedition?
  • What were the causes and consequences of westward expansion?
  • In what ways is the United States a nation of immigrants?
  • How did technological innovation change the way people worked?
  • How did the Great Depression impact the lives of ordinary Americans?
  • What are some turning points (major events) that helped the civil rights movement?

Students worked collaboratively in Google Apps to keep track of their sources, write their essays, and create their presentations. What’s next for these students? They’ll soon interview a history professor from Weber State University to learn more about “thinking like a historian.”

Library Spotlight: Shadow Valley Elementary

Shadow Valley library clerks Lacey Nichols and Linda Doxey have worked hard to make the library an inviting place. They welcome and work with classes all week and produce themed literacy displays in the hallway and library each month. They were instrumental in preparing many students for the District Storytelling Festival as well. They are very valuable to the Eagles of Shadow Valley.

Ogden School District Teacher Librarians

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