What we will be learning...

Vasek's Vision

For the week of January 7th...

Math: This week we will begin our review and exploration of fractions. This unit will be three weeks long and we’ll start by deciding fair shares then focus on halves, fourths, and eighths using a variety of models. While this seems quite simple, students are sometimes unsure of how to create the most efficient model of a fraction when asked.

Reading & Writing: Get ready to dive into some serious culture study! For the next few weeks, our students will be researching through Culture Grams (online resource), different cultural traditions from around the world. Each day, our class will focus on one country’s customs, fill out anchor charts, read various fiction and non-fiction books and develop an All About book on a favorite culture of study.

Science: Students will be observing and describing rocks by size, texture and color. During this lesson students will be grouped into teams where they will be describing a unique rock selected by the group in a Rock Report. Using describing characteristics in a Rock Report the other students will match the rock with the written descriptions in the report. Finally the groups will reveal the written descriptions with the unique rocks.

Grammar: We will be reviewing the use of basic sentence punctuation and capitalizing the days of the week and months of the year. Our focus will be to use these skills consistently in our creative writing efforts.

On the Calendar...

January 7 - First Day of School for the 2nd Semester

January 8 - Return library books for new book checkouts

January 16 - Report Cards Go Home

January 17 - Reading Rally Kick Off - School Fundraiser

January 20 - MLK Day - School Holiday

Xtra Math!

Xtra Math log on sheets were sent home in Thursday, Dec. 12th folders. The Xtra Math activities are a great way to practice and extend your child's Math skills. Check it o