Tech Corner

15-16 Big Creek Elementary Vol.3

Think Lab Scoop

Yeah!! We are finally over with MyOn testing in Think Lab. More and more kindergartners are able to log in to the computers by themselves. I am so Proud of them!!! First, Second, and Third graders have almost mastered the art of logging in to the computers and MyOn independently. Teachers please send students to the Think Lab with their Itslearning and MyOn logging info, so that I do not have to send them back to their classroom to get it. Have a wonderful Fall break!!!


Beginning of Year Tech Reminders

  • Remember your projectors can play sound even when they're OFF. Conserve your bulb life and turn the projector off when not in use.
  • When hooked to a network cable on site, please turn your wifi off (ORANGE). If both a hardwired and wireless connection are on it can cause extremely slow logon times, policies that don’t process properly, and poor performance overall.
  • The new Firewall/Filter is enforcing SafeSearch be turned on at the local level for Google, Bing, etc and Youtube. Go to and scroll to the bottom and select Safety, and turn it on. For Google go to Select the box to Turn On Safe Search or it may read Filter Explicit Results

App Reviews lists great classroom apps, as well as lesson ideas. Some of the recommended apps are free and others are paid apps. I love the "Put a Sock In It" lesson using the Sock Puppets app!


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Suhela Chowdhury is an Instructional Technology Specialist at Big Creek Elementary in Cumming, GA. This flyer is created to share instructional technology news and tools with teachers at Big Creek Elementary, but feel free to use and share with others.