Asian Elephants

Save the Asian Elephants

Asian Elephants

Asian Elephants have amazing characteristics. For example, they have terrific hearing, but not so good at eye sight. They're able to eat 300 pounds of grass, bark, leaves, bamboo, and roots a day. Also, their babies are special to them, because they only have one every 4 years. Asian Elephants live in southern Asia, but they can also be found Indonesia, India, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Why they are endangered

Endangered? Why?

Asian Elephants are endangered because hunters hunt for the ivory in their tusks. Now, there may only be around 30,000 left in the world. Wow! If you really think about it, there are a bunch more humans in the world than there are Asian Elephants. If hunters just stopped hunting for ivory, there would be a bunch more of them.